Exit threat:We will drag you to Court – Barcelona tells Messi

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Barcelona have warned Lionel Messi that he faces a legal battle if he is to force his way out of the club.

On Tuesday, Messi sent a message to the Spanish club, confirming his desire to leave, asking Barca to activate an exit clause in his contract which allows him to walk away at the end of any season for free.

However, Barcelona are understood to have replied to his transfer request, by urging him to stay put or the matter would have to be resolved in court.

The club believes Messi is unable to activate the clause after June, while the player feels the season actually ended in August following the COVID-19 break.

Barca have set out their legal terms for a situation where Messi refuses to stay and insists he will not leave as a free agent.

The board are believed to have called an emergency meeting as soon as Messi’s message arrived, while Josep Bartomeu has been asked to step down as president immediately.


  1. Why dragging him to court. Has he not done well for you? At least he has won so many trophies and I hope he didn’t deserve this ill treatment. Don’t be ungrateful.

  2. You people are ungrateful, upon what he has done for you through out his Carrier such is life, won a lots of trophies for you. That’s another lesson to be learnt that you shouldn’t trust anybody to the extent that he/she can’t betray you. If taken him to court will be the solution, they should go ahead and solve their issue.

  3. It pains my heart to see contracts end in this way. Something that stated well is supposed to end well
    Lionel Messi has done much for Barcelona and has been a great player and in extension an entertaining player too. Ending his contract after all these years with court case is unfair and uncalled for
    Please the management of Barcelona and Lionel Messi should try and settle amicably and out of court

  4. Is he a slave,let him just accept what Barca have for him,and start playing anyhow,he should even be putting own goals, Barca would sack without him saying anything.

  5. Lionel Messi Has Done Much For Barcelona And Has Been A Great Player And In Extension An Entertaining Player Too. Ending His Contract After All These Years With Court Case Is Unfair And Uncalled

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