I will not officiate any wedding if the man has not seen his bride’s face without makeup – Clergyman, Godfrey Migwi

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Kenyan preacher, Pastor Godfrey Migwi has announced that he won’t officiate any wedding in which the groom is yet to see his bride’s face without makeup at least weeks in their courtship.

In a post he shared on Facebook, he made it known that it is one of the reasons marriages breakup, he further added that other ministries should follow suit for such cases to reduce.

See his post below:

”I decree and declare as a called and ordained minister of the gospel by God’s grace of this generation and as a licensed pastor in this nation through our constitution, that I will never officiate any wedding in the church if the man has not gotten the privilege to see the bride face to face without makeup at least three weeks in their courtship.”

I will not officiate any wedding if the man has not seen his bride's face without makeup - Clergyman, Godfrey Migwi 4


  1. Hahahaha Meeehn this is really funny.
    But if you look at it very well it’s true o, becoz this make up will make you won’t know if she is beautiful or not. So to avoid regretting after marriage you better see her natural face before taking her to the alter.

  2. A lot of controversies surrounding this union called marriage. Everyone is trying to find out what to do to reduce this high level of divorce that is rocking the marriage institutions.
    Shat thispadtor is saying might in a way help a bit because most times, women make up and this will make someone not to know the actual facial appearance of the woman in question
    When she is off makeup, the normal face comes out and the husband might not like her again and the next thing is problems that might eventually lead to separation and outright divorce

  3. It might be a joke but not indeed a joke, you should know your wife face to face in order to avoid ill feeling between yourself. Without informing her just check on her Early in the morning you will know her true beauty.

  4. This is frankly speaking by the pastor, this situation has ruined some marriages because in a situation where by your fiance always make up without knowing her face. Why can’t they (ladies) desist from this make up and let people notice her natural beauty.

  5. 90% of what is considered IMPOSSIBLE” os infact possible. The other 10% will become possible with the passage of time & reality

  6. Ya, you are right Sir in northern part of America one man got married to a man he see to be a women just because of this make up thing and whn he realize he sick for divorce and whn they interview the guy in question he said that there family needd money so there was no option than to pretnt to be a women to the guy. Can you imagine tht?

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