It is pure laziness for a christian not to know the word of God – Kate Henshaw

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Nollywood Actress, Kate Henshaw says it is pure laziness if Christians do not know the word of God.

In a tweet she shared via her Twitter handle, she made it known that Christians shouldn’t only rely on the words of their pastors as God has given all humans gifts and functioning brains adding that not all who call him Lord are his.

Her tweet:

“Its pure laziness 2 not know the word of God 4 yourself if you are a Christian. “My pastor say, my pastor, say..” God gave us all gifts & that includes a functioning brain. How do you suspend your thinking for another’s words? The Lord knows those who are HIS. Don’t get me wrong.. not all who call Him Lord are His… Check every spirit…


  1. Your advice is noted Kate Henshaw
    If someone is a Christian, and does not know the word of God, that means he or she in question does not make out time to read the bible due to laziness

  2. How on Earth someone would call himself Christian or Muslim and you won’t be able to mention or read the words of the creator and comprehend it without mentioning my pastor said, it’s sounds ridiculous. It’s compulsory for everybody to the words of his/her God.

  3. We should make sure that our understand the words of God if not those fanatic pastors or imams will just inculcate hard heart on those children and it may make them astray just like bokoharam, iswap etc. But once you know the words of God by yourself nobody can bring what it is not in the Bible or Quran for you and you will accept it.

  4. You are right,cause a Christian that doesn’t know about the bible, don’t have time for it,and it’s sign of laziness.

  5. I support that
    Cause that doesn’t have for the bible would even be lazy to pray.
    So all Christian show work hard towards Christ.
    Our reward is in heaven.

  6. Right word. We have a lot of Christians who are lazy spiritually.
    I wonder how a man can survive this present time without an adequate knowledge of the word of God.

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