People who buy precious stones in Zamfara pay back with arms – Gov. Matawalle

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Governor bello Matawalle of Zamfara State has revealed that people who come from other countries to buy Gold and other precious stones from the state he governs pay back with arms.

He said this after presenting some gold bars and other precious stones mined in his State to President Muhammadu Buhari, adding that his administration has decided to embrace the Presidential Artisanal Gold Mining Development Initiative to stop the criminal act being championed by illegal miners in the state.

“It’s very important to us as a government, particularly, the issue of insecurity, to know the root cause of insecurity. Zamfara state is blessed with many minerals resources and some people outside the country come in to buy gold and other precious stones and sometimes instead of paying people, they pay back with arms, he said

“I did some investigations. So, the state government will be buying some of these minerals so that we can block that chain. So, now the state government is engaging the miners. We’ll be buying some of this gold from them with the limited resources we have.

Commenting on the security situation in his state, Matawalle opposed the call for sack of the service chiefs who according to him need the support of all stakeholders.

He said;

“The narration has changed. You won’t be hearing of mass killings in the state because the security agencies are doing their best. I equally advised the president that those that are calling for the sack of the service chiefs is not the solution. Let’s support the security, we as the governors, we have a big role to play. We just have to support the security agencies.

“If the governors are not serious, they can’t be able to achieve what they want. I advised the president that all those calling for the sack of the security chiefs, they should think of the best way to support them to perform better instead of sacking them, even if you sack them, you’re bringing another one. So, let us use the one that we have. We’ll support them as a government.

“My state now is at peace and everybody is aware. We’ve more than 3000 policemen going round the mining sites in order to protect the mining site. We’ve the security. It’s just for us as leaders to support them. I believe we’ll see a lot of changes in terms of security in this country.”


  1. You are very correct Sir, if the government will support the security men i think the too much killings will stop. In terms of natural resources in your state, how will they pay with arms for purchasing such expensive stuffs, those people are heartless o

  2. Precious stones in Zamfara.. this is nice to hear. There is nothing God did not bless Nigeria with..o. The only problem we have here is human administration. The leaders seem not to have focus and plan for the future
    People come and buy precious stones in Zamfara and pay with arms, they come in from other countries…o still no one apprehends them. This will show you how useless and porous our borders are. Where do the agencies saddled with securities Stay when these foreigners come in with these arms that they use to exchange for precious stones
    This is a question that remains unanswered and is begging for answer

  3. Government should stand up to the challenges facing the country, government should be buying all these gold from them and reward them with money in order to prevent them from accessing all these arms.

  4. What this governor said should not be handled with levity hand because the rate in which all these arms is influx to our country is alarming. Government should set up a committee that will overseas this minings in our country in order to prevent this issue.

  5. Arms, They Come In From Other Countries…O Still No One Apprehends Them. This Will Show You How Useless And Porous Our Borders Are. Where Do The Agencies Saddled With Securities Stay When These Foreigners Come In With These Arms

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