“Treat your woman right, you’ll be amazed at how much respect you’ll get” – Damilola Adegbite

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Nigerian actress, Damilola Adegbite has shared some advice on marriage and submission.

In a post she shared on Instagram, she advised men to treat their women right and make them happy as they would be surprised at how much respect, honor and submission they will get in return.

“Many men think women are complicated. Make your woman happy. Make her feel special as much as you can. Treat her right. Listen to her. When you do, you’ll be amazed at how much respect, honor and submission you’ll get in return, she wrote


  1. I think you are right Damilola Adegbite. Women are not complicated as people always think
    What they need is for their man to treat them fine and respect them and you see them reciprocate well
    Women can be very nice to their men when you show thiem love and care

  2. We deserve more respect in all ramifications and if we command respect from others we should also respect others because I respect is reciprocal.

  3. Our women deserve to be treated like a queen but attitude of some do not warrant it but not withstanding and no matter how the case may be they should be accord with respect.

  4. Treating a lady right implies giving her enough money,that’s what lady means by treat me well,then u can get enough respect from her.

  5. One of the worst feelings in the world is when someone you care about starts treating you differently because of just one little mistake you made.

  6. Ya, all men shuld really try there best no matter the life style of the women because they were created in another way Rand only God knows hw

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