Castrate Rapists – Halima Abubakar suggests

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Nollywood Actress, Halima Abubakar has suggested castration for rapists.

In a post she shared on Instagram, she said rape is still on the rise after all being done to curb it, she further advised that every one should look out for other people’s kids and not turning a blind eye when it’s someone else involved.

The mother-of-one added that ”Rapists are menace” and so should be castrated.

She wrote:
The more we fight against rape and injustice is the more this evil act is on the rise.

Protect your environment

Protect other people’s kids

Don’t say what’s my own

So many love to say that

Cut the penis off. Rapist are menace


  1. Even the Bible said it that we should be our brother’s keeper . so ma you are very correct by saying we should look out for other people kids, because the rapping rate these days I don’t understand it anymore

  2. What you said it’s truth, if government could do that for those rapists if found guilty, I hope this will stop them from doing this evil act. I hope government would do something about it.

  3. Why all these evil acts persists is that government is not ready to take drastic measures on this issue because if those involved in acts are being dealt with, people will desist from it. What you said is fact.

  4. To me cutting the penis off is a soft penalty for rapists
    I have always suggested ‘death penalty ‘ that is capital punishment
    If you want to have a canal knowledge of the opposite sex, the thing you should do is to approach the person and discuss with her or him and if you reach a mutual agreement with each other, so be it, you can now go down to business not mounting on someone by force as if you are a fowl.
    Let every man that rapes know that he is a disgrace to humanity and know also that he is weak since this shows that he can not woo a lady
    Death penalty should be slammed on rapists so that the menace will stop
    I think enough is enough

  5. Yes because their no peace for the weaked…..Death Penalty Should Be Slammed On Rapists So That The Menace Will Stop
    I Think Enough Is Enough.

  6. I believe it may reduce the act of rapping but don’t forget this rapist are human like me and you it may take there life,we should just pray they change from there old ways.

  7. You sound as if you gave been raped before.
    Well everyone has there way of judging them but I say we should leave judgement for God,and pray they change from there old ways.

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