Nigerian Man, Kaycee Madu becomes Minister of Justice in Canada

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A Nigerian Man, Kaycee Madunhas been appointed Minister of Justice in Alberta, Canada. The first of it’s kind.

Madu was elevated by Premier Jason Kenney to the justice portfolio from Municipal Affairs in a cabinet shuffle that saw Calgary-Elbow MLA Doug Schweitzer move from justice to an economic portfolio

Kenney said;

“This effectively takes the Economic Development, Trade and Tourism portfolio (and) renames it. Additional functions will be added to the ministry over the weeks and months that come.

“This is a broadened and expanded ministry. Alberta is being hit especially hard with the double whammy of the global coronavirus recession, on top of that the collapse of energy prices which has clobbered our largest industry — oil and gas.”

Madu on his own part tweeted;

Thank you, everyone, for all the well wishes. I am beyond humbled to accept my new role as Minister of Justice and Solicitor General – where I will pursue fairness, equality, and justice for all with every ounce of strength I have.

Nigerian Man, Kaycee Madu becomes Minister of Justice in Canada 4


  1. Nigerians are great and doing well everywhere we found ourselves not only that we are also contribute to the growth of any nation we found ourselves. Congrats to you sir and I wish you success in your endeavors.

  2. Why can’t our leaders emulate those Nigerians in other countries by rendering selfishness service to the country? The Nigerians are doing well in other countries but in Nigeria we have those who are selfish that they are not ready to serve the country Rather ready to embezzle the wealth meant for the citizens. Congrats.

  3. Nigerians are good people and they always shine wherever they find themselves in any part of this world. The only problem we have here is our leaders, the politicians who have decided never to rule well due to greed and gluttony
    This has made our country not to have an enabling environment which is the bases of the citizens to show their potentials
    Congratulations to Kaycee for this post he was given
    I wish him well in his duties
    Congratulations brother

  4. Wow congratulations to him
    As most of our youth are spoiling the country with this there fraudulent activity,most blessed men and also youth are giving the country a good image.

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