Nigerian Pastor, Nick Ohizu arrested in Zimbabwe for allegedly offering bribe to railway officials

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Nick Chibuzor Ohizu, a Nigerian Pastor prominent in Zimbabwe has been arrested for allegedly offering a $2,000 bribe to National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) officials.

The 46-year-old head pastor of Empowerment Ministries Church was accused of offering USD $2,000 to two high ranking NRZ officials so they can reverse the cancellation of a lease agreement between his church and the transport utility.

Chibuzor who was served the lease agreement on August 7, met Colonel Nyabambi and Clive Ncube at the NRZ office. The two NRZ officials reportedly accepted a bribe offer of $2,000 and agreed to reverse the cancellation on the lease agreement once he had delivered the agreed amount.

Upon arriving at the office not knowing that a trap has been set, he was arrested by the police. The bribe money which was in $100 denominations was recovered by the police and is currently being kept as an exhibit.

He was not asked to plead to the allegations when he appeared before Harare magistrate Richard Ramaboa. He was remanded out of custody to October 1 on $10, 000 bail and was ordered to surrender his passport.


  1. Hmmmmmm!!!! A pastor for that matter. He has messed up..o
    What type of pastors do we have in our society nowadays
    They preach against something and do that thing they preach against. It is a shame
    Let him face the prosecution and if found guilty dealt with accordingly and severely

  2. Kudos to the Zimbabwean police and the whistle blower they did a great job. Corruption has now become a pandemic disease which is now you go (slogan of one network). He should be dealt with seriously to serve as deterrent.

  3. So, corruption is everywhere, what else do these people want? Do they want to become God that whole the universe? It’s impossible. Why bribing with that huge amount of money? That serves him right, to be bailed with $10000 for bribing with $2000. but reverse is the case in my own country, if you steal #1 billion naira you will be bailed with #100,000. Nigeria should emulate this kind of punishment in order to move the country forward.

  4. One of the biggest lessons that I have learned in this life is how futile it is to fight inevitability. Life is change; if we stop changing, we stop growing. Life is never going to go exactly the way that you want it to. Something is always waiting to pop up and bite you. The more that you attempt to make life go your way the more that it won’t. Your life will be so much more peaceful and smooth if you just learn to stop swimming upstream.

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