Blasphemous Kano Singer: I will not waste time to sign the execution order – Ganduje

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Governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje has reacted to the death sentence handed to the Kano Singer, Aminu Shariff over blasphemy.

In a stakeholders meeting with religious clerics, scholars, lawyers and other important stakeholders on Thursday, August 27 as they aired their opinion on the issue, Ganduje made it clear that he will sign the execution order of death sentence on blasphemy offenders against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as soon as the Supreme court grants the permission.

“The court has done the right thing in passing the judgement. We were told that by law, the offender has 30 days to appeal, after which if he failed to do so he should be sentenced, he said

“Having listened to Islamic clerics in the state and other stakeholders, I won’t waste time to sign the execution order immediately the time elapsed or the Supreme Court ruled on the same judgement.”

“Should at the end of it the warrant is presented before me, I will not waste time in signing it. On the second hand, if he does not appeal within the specified period, I will not spend a minute in signing the death warrant” the Governor stated


  1. Let the whole processes of the law be abided to. But I still beg the relevant authorities to tamper justice with mercy
    I am not a Muslim but I feel they should mercy this guy

  2. If you sign the death warrant for the singer in the next 30 days for blasphemy prophet (PBUH), though it might correlate with Islamic law. May God forgive him his sins.

  3. If you could sign this death warrant on him, accepted because of Islamic law justification. Why can’t the government borrow a leaf from its tree, I mean they should make use of some laws in the Quran and Bible or enact law that will curb the corruption, bandits and terrorism in Nigeria.

  4. I don’t Get “Over” things, I Get “Through” them. There’s a difference. It’s in the effort and result.

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