CAMA: Bring forward any amendment to the Natl Assembly – Osinbajo tells clergymen

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Vice president Yemi Osinbajo has called out all clergymen who have spoken against the CAMA law stating a possible solution.

Speaking at the annual general conference of the Nigeria Bar Association on Thursday, August 27, Osinbajo asked those aggrieved by the new law to approach the national assembly for redress.

He said;

“We have a process by which this (CAMA law) can be redressed. Whatever the proposal for amendment may be, whatever the view of the leadership of the church may be, regarding the question of how the trustees, whether they are interim trustees or not, can be put into a proposal that will be brought to the National Assembly for consideration for amendment to the law, that is the process which is entirely opened and ought to be pursued.

“We are in a democracy and there is a process by which things can be done and that process is the one where you bring forward amendments to the National Assembly and they will do whatever is considered useful in the circumstance.”


  1. This CAMA law of a thing has caused so much stir in the system. It is heating the polity and it looks like the religious bodies do not want it at all. They are contesting against it vehemently
    I do not know much about it and what they are saying about the law but one thing I know is that laws are made for people and if a law is not acceptable by a very high percentage of people, I feel that law should be jettisoned
    Well let the religious bodies approach the National Assembly and see ways to redress this law
    All we want is peaceful co existence between all

  2. Some people might see what professor yemi osinbajo said as nonsense but it’s true words, when we are talking about policies people use to attack government and it’s not suppose to be so. I implore the clergy men to engage government in dialogue and work it out.

  3. Some clergymen may see him (professor yemi osinbajo) as a traitor but not so if there is any governments policies that it’s not suit any organization or need amendment, it think it’s not a matter of inciting hate speech, they should forward their agitation and the government would made amendment if it’s necessary.

  4. A most important lesson taught by nature. Only after destruction there is construction. Only on letting go will new opportunities to assembly for the betterment of country.

  5. This CAMA is gonna cause serious issue between the church and the government,they should handle the case with wisdom for the benefit of everyone.

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