An Igbo Man should not be allowed to rule Nigeria – Tunde Ednut

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Popular Nigerian Social Media blogger, Tunde Ednut says an Igbo man should not be allowed to be president of Nigeria.

In a post he shared on Instagram, he said Igbo’s have been planning Biafra for a long time and once it is established they will leave Nigeria to crumble and so to avoid this, no Igbo should be allowed on the presidential seat.

He wrote:

“An Igbo man should not be allowed to be president of Nigeria. I have a feeling that BIAFRA will be established if that happens.

“They will leave us Oo and Nigeria will crumble if they leave Oo. Igbos have been planning BIAFRA since. They have them together.

“Let’s not Igbo in for now. We are in this Nigeria together, you will not run anywhere. we die here!”


  1. He just said he’s mind, because is obvious the igbos want to be on there own so if they become president i think that is an opportunity

  2. I don’t think to be one is by force. Even in marriages, when marriages seem not to be working out again, couples divorce
    This country is like people living together in a marriage and if a partner to the marriage arrangement feels that the relationship is no more suitable for him, I feel the person has 100% right to quit
    No one has the right to force a person to be in a relationship he or she is no more comfortable with not even talking of this Nigeria situation where it is glaringly clear that the south eastern part of this union called Nigeria is totally being marginalized
    My humble opinion though

  3. You should have known how to construct your words, it’s a bit harsh. Nigeria should take bold step to unite one Nigeria.

  4. Unity of this nation ought to have come first in the minds of every Nigerians. Igbo should channel their agitation through their leaders and present it in the floor of national assembly but the issue is that many of their leaders are selfish and they don’t bother about their followers or it’s citizens. Biafra not achievable, one Nigeria matter most.

  5. An Igbo man should not rule Nigeria… Lol…. Is Nigeria meant for one tribe alone to rule? What’s wrong if an Igbo man should rule Nigeria? Anyway your opinion though but your doesn’t add or subtract if an Igbo will rule or will not rule this country

  6. If he has the previlage la
    He Just Said He’s Mind, Because Is Obvious The Igbos Want To Be On There Own So If They Become President I Think That Is An Opportunity

    1. Agitation of igbo to opt out of Nigeria is valid, because Nigeria is not working, even to the non igbo. You cannot stop a thing whose time has come. Oduduwa is also agitating for their independece, indicating that the centre Nigeria can no longer hold.

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