Edo: Buhari has assured me of a peaceful election – Obaseki

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Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki says Buhari has assured him of a peaceful election come September 19.

The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, said this while calling on voters to come out, cast their vote and make sure their votes count by staying back and ensuring their votes are counted.

“President Buhari has assured me that the Edo election will be peaceful. He insisted that there will be peace in the State before, during and after the election, he said

“They are not more than us in number; vote and make sure your vote counts. Stay back in your polling units to ensure they count your vote in your presence,” he added.


  1. Human being promises is a vanity. I will just implore you to do your assignment thoroughly because everything may change at the eve of the election.

  2. I hope the the Mr President will keep to his promise this time around because we have not seen/feel the impact of the previous promises made for us in the past. I will just ask Edo people to be vigilant in the day of the election and not allow anybody to subdue the interest of the masses. Obaseki should also not agitate for violence.

  3. Let us hope and pray that what you said that Buhari assured you of will be as you have said it
    It will be nice if it goes that way. Elections are meant to be conducted peacefully since it is a means of chooosing leaders
    Any leader that emerges through an election that is not free and fair and conducted under violence and killings and destruction can never be a good leader
    Please people should be watchful since life has no duplicate at all
    I wish the Edo state people a peaceful election

  4. sir pls don’t believe what he say that is how they talk but they can’t do it they will still do it they way I hope u know that u re no longer his party member

  5. Any Leader That Emerges Through An Election That Is Not Free And Fair And Conducted Under Violence And Killings And Destruction Can Never Be A Good Leader

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