“I will lay hands, breathe into and embrace Covid-19 patients” – Bishop Oyedepo

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General Overseer of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has shared what he will do when any Covid-19 patient is brought to him for healing.

While addressing his congregation on Sunday he said he will hug them breathe into them and even embrace them as he carries eternal life not human life.

“COVID-19 cannot be any reason why your own ‘Breaking Limit’ package will not be delivered, it’s not a tenable reason,” he said.

“Can you imagine anyone bringing Coronavirus patient to me and I won’t lay hands on him?, Will I wear gloves to lay hands on them?

“I will lay hands on them, breathe into them, embrace them. What you carry is eternal life, it’s not human life,” he added.


  1. He knows best for himself what he is saying
    I can’t say for him
    Until we see him doing that truly
    For now no comment
    God save us all…o

  2. Our clergymen need to be careful of what they do, their might miracles you do perform but there are certain things someone needs to be careful of. This is pandemic disease which is communicable and contact it, it will affect so many people in your congregation.

  3. Though, in your own perspective you may know what you are saying but this pandemic called (COVID-19) is a dreaded disease that someone must not joke with. Even the creator does not ask us not to take medicine or seek for solution but we need to be careful. God will be with you.

  4. I Trust You Sir, But Be Careful When Doing Such Covid-19 Is Very Real, Just That The Way Nigerians Are Using It To Make Money As If Its Not Real…God is healer

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