CAMA does not target churches or religious bodies – Presidency

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Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Ita Enang, has expressed that the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020 does not target churches and religious bodies.

He made this known while speaking during a visitation to the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev Dr. Samson Ayokunle in Abuja on Tuesday.

At the event, Enang pointed out that sections of the Act being disputed by religious bodies, especially Christians, were not new and had been in the 1990 Act, which was recently amended.

Enang said Buhari had no bad intention against Christianity or any other religion, adding that the Act, having become law by assent, only the National Assembly could amend it.

“Misconceptions have enveloped this Act with deliberate misinformation and falsehood by persons who may not have fully and in-fact personally read and digested the provision of the Act, he said

“First, the bill as it then was, was not an executive bill transmitted by President Buhari to the legislature. It was initiated by a Senator and member of the House in the respective chambers, at the behest of the Corporate Affairs Commission and support of the Ministry of Trade and Investment.

”Secondly, upon receipt of same for assent, Mr President in accordance with extant best practice escalated the measure to appropriate Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

“They made different inputs some of which led to Mr President declining assent twice to the bill in the entire tenure or life of the 8th Assembly. We want to declare as a fact, that the Act does not target churches or religious bodies as wrongly assumed.”


  1. I think the only slight mistake that I could deduce from this law is nomination of chairman board of trustee by the government, may be they should allow the churches to sit together and fashion things out of possibly there is misunderstanding.

  2. Government should invite all those religious head and sort things out with them instead of arguing and allow this CAMA of a thing to cause problems. At other countries are monitoring all these NGO’s, Nigeria also need to monitoring them not go beyond their boundaries.

  3. This CAMA law has been a controversial one
    I wouldn’t know why since I am a lay man to it
    I still beg the government should look inwards too and see reasons why most of the church leaders are kicking against it
    What we want is peace and nothing else and any law that will bring positive changes in the society is all we want

  4. This CAMA of a thing or group I don’t really understand their works and why they are interested in churches and other religious bodies. They (CAMA) should do there thing and leave religious bodies abeg.

  5. Government Should Invite All Those Religious Head And Sort Things Out With Them Instead Of Arguing And Allow This CAMA Of A Thing To Cause Problems. At Other Countries Are Monitoring All These NGO’s, Nigeria Also Need To Monitoring Them Not Go Beyond Their Boundaries.

  6. I don’t know why christains complain a lot.
    Especially those that would tell you the Bible says thou shall not murmur or complain 🤔

  7. I can speak it with every my body that president muhammadu buhari have nothing against Christianity or other religions. Religions is not 1999 constitution that need ammedment.

  8. Oga I don’t believe you, if there is no bad intention why will the Government want to mingle into church affairs. They should allow churches run themselves. And focus on how to reduce fuel price🛌🛌🛌I done sleep.

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