DSS reportedly questions Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage over alleged comments against Buhari

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The Department of State Services, DSS, has reportedly questioned Music producer, Don Jazzy and singer Tiwa Savage over social media comments against the Buhari-led administration.

The duo were repeatedly invited by the DSS to their Lagos office.
There are reports that the invitation may be connected to Tiwa’s campaign, ‘WeAreTired’, on social media over the increased number of rape cases in Nigeria and political utterance against Buhari’s government.

According to SaharaReporters, Don Jazzy and Tiwa Savage were invited to the Lagos office of the DSS where they were warned to be mindful of the kind of posts they share on social media.

It was also reported that singers Yemi Alade and Waje were also invited by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Zubairu Muazu who warned them to stop making comments that could anger the government


  1. Hmmmmm!!! Hmmmmm!!! Hmmmmmm!!!
    This one weak me..o
    In a country that says they are practicing democracy, a government that is supposed to be by the people and for the people, a country where there is supposed to be freedom of speech, is now where no one is allowed to talk again
    Where are we heading to if I may ask. This government of the day does not want any opposing voice, what they just want is okay and yes citizens even when it is obviously very clear that they are not getting it right.
    Nothing seems to be moving and still they will not allow people to talk
    Are we in a military regime, what type of dictatorship is this
    Men… this is peacing me off and I am no more comfortable with that
    GOD SAVE US….o from leaders that don’t know what it means to lead

  2. We need to speak out our minds, speaking out our minds doesn’t portray that we should be abusing our leaders but criticize them in a constructive manner that won’t lead to hate speech. Our leaders should not handle Nigeria issues with negligence.

  3. Hmmmm speechless……. Ok let’s check it the other way round now, had it been the government is doing well and Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy was like praising them for the good works they are doing, will the DSS or any body call them to thank them for saying good things about the president? Its just a question I’m asking and I wanna know. Thanks

  4. Where Are We Heading To If I May Ask. This Government Of The Day Does Not Want Any Opposing Voice, What They Just Want Is Okay And Yes Citizens Even When It Is Obviously Very Clear That They Are Not Getting It Right

  5. What country called Nigeria, are we not entitle to our own opinion? Aren’t we have freedom of speech anymore? Are we not going to express our grievances anymore? Do they want us to keep quiet if there’s any policies that not encouraging? Is this not the same media they used against Jonathan? May Almighty God help us.

  6. If we did not speak our mind how can government know were he lack, this country is free of speech because we practice Democratic system. And democracy is for the people. Even during formal President Dr Good-luck Jonathan we have free of speech that was the administration i can beat my chest and say people say there mind , why this president muhammadu buhari administration now turn to lion.

  7. The hate speech bill is only an agenda to shut people us and stop them from speaking against this government. The Buhari administration is a scam to Nigerians.
    No more freedom of speech.

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