I will like El-Rufai to be president for four years – Deji Adeyanju

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Human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju says he will like the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai to be president of Nigeria for four years.

In a tweet he shared on Twitter he said he wants it to be so because then the governors true colors will be revealed as he will imprison so many Nigerians.

He wrote:

“I will like El-Rufai to be president for just 4yrs so that many of you can enter prison like us and feel what we feel.

“He will build prison in every LGA. If you dare ask him why he is short, you will enter prison,” Adeyanju tweeted.


  1. I don’t know where this is coming from but to me I would say they should allow the young ones to try and rule the country small maybe things will be okay. That’s my own opinion o but if you want your El-Rufai to rule you no wahala

  2. God forbid…o
    He will put pepper into people’s eyes..o
    Ordinary Kaduna state he is ruling, see the trash that is happening there
    So many killings

  3. If only he will prove to the people that he will rule well….i thought we should give a tire because Don’t wait for the perfect moment…Take the moment and make it perfect.

  4. That means you will still go back to where you came from, but I want you to understand something that if you didn’t commit any crimes nobody will imprisoned you but those that are afraid are those that committed crime in one or the other

  5. Always think positive, how on you would be happy if one of your family is imprisoned thank you have gone and come back. Would you be happy if you go back? I will just implore our leaders to change there ways of thinking and they should serve their fatherland with their strength not embezzling the resources of the country.

  6. Every Nigeria have different mind and to support different aspirant, of el-rufai stand as a candidate in any political party you can stand by him off cus, that’s choice.

  7. El Rufai is a religious fanatics and an extremist.
    Having him as a president in Nigeria will increase the rate of religious fight.

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