Presidential candidates should not be picked based on Tribe – Uzodinma

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Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma has warned against picking presidential candidates come 2023 based on tribal sentiments.

while addressing State House correspondents after a closed-door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, he said candidates should come on a party basis and not as a tribalistic choice as Nigeria practices democracy and not tribal democracy.

“We are practicing partisan democracy, not tribal democracy. So, the emergence of presidential candidates will come on a party-by-party basis, not tribe-by-tribe basis,” Uzodinma said.

This comes at a time when there have been clamours for an Igbo president


  1. really well u re right but tribe or no tribe all of u re the same no different all u playing want is just power nothing more evil people

  2. The agreement has been seal already between the party and nigeria president muhammadu buhari that it will be zone to Yoruba. So if president buhari terminate the agreement now, it may couse problem in the country.

  3. You see what people like us have been saying. The Igbos clamoring for presidency is not the problem but can it materialize
    One of them will still be a spoiler to the vision
    I wonder when the Igbos will ever come out to speak with one voice and stand together concerning issues affecting them
    Until we learn to forget about personal achievements and aggrandizim, and think solely towards collective success and achievements that will favor the whole Igbos, I do not think the Igbos will be heading any way in achieving most of their goals especially this presidential position bid

  4. When you are talking about the presidential candidate on 2023 coming election. you should ask yourself about your the party you are with, if you said you are practicing partisan democracy not tribal democracy, you should also know that politics is about majority not minority. Let’s wait and see.

  5. You people should talk to your people to do the needful, when we are talking about dividend of democracy everybody deserves to get the benefit of democracy but when we are talking about the election or elected post, it’s a game of numbers not by mouth. The way igbo people are doing there things own there own and they don’t want to do things with other regions. If they want to be president, they should unite with other regions and not call for disintegration of Nigeria.

  6. You are very correct Sir but the truth remains that anywhere that person comes from they are just the same, in terms of character, promise and fail and everything attached to politics. So Birds of the same feathers flogs together

  7. My advice for the government I think twice before that decide anything and they should stand by the agreement between each other. Thank you.

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