Buhari approves November 1 as National youth day

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President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the declaration of November 1 every year as National youth day.

This was disclosed by the minister of youths and sports, Sunday Dare in a tweet on Wednesday.

According to the minister, the President made this known during the Federal Executive Council meeting which was held Wednesday morning.

He wrote:
“Today, President Buhari in Council approved November 1st every year as the National Youth Day to celebrate, draw attention to and find solutions to the issues that affect the Youth.

“Mr. President has again demonstrated his commitment to supporting youth-focused policies. Thank You.”


  1. Wow! Thanks to Mr President for creating this platform to support the youth of this nation and I hope this will also help the youth to part in politics.

  2. This is so nice to know. I feel that it is good the president is trying to pay a bit of attention to the youths
    They said the youths are the leaders of tomorrow so it is quite important to give them their right position in the society
    That day should be a public holiday, I suppose
    Congratulations to the youths
    Kudos to the government

  3. Nigeria government just good in policies making without implemtation, there is a lot of policies that they have pronounced without implementing it. They should look for a way to solve the unemployment that is battling the youths in the country they continue declaring free day. The rate in which Nigerians youth are committing crime is much, they should look for the solution not declaring a day for them.

  4. Nigeria government are deviate from their responsibility and doing what it’s not necessary, some of the youths have been rendered jobless while some have been using for casual job, declaring Nov. 1st is not the issue but to create millions of job for us so that we will be able to to cater for our old ones and the younger ones. Government should stand up to to their duties and find a lasting solution to this unemployment.

  5. OK noted. But what am sure of is that, you can’t celebrate someone that you don’t acknowledge and how can you celebrate someone that you called lazy youths or are you trying to celebrate their laziness? Give them job please before your celebration thanks

  6. Well i don’t have anything to say than appreciate god for spare my life till date. And kudos to muhammadu buhari because he know what we feat into.

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