Don’t leave Barcelona bitter and offended – T.B Joshua tells Lionel Messi

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Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue church of all Nations (SCOAN) has advised Lionel Messi not to leave Barcelona bitter and offended.

There have been serious controversies over Messi’s future in Barcelona after he submitted a transfer letter to the club’s chiefs.

Since then Barcelona chiefs have been looking for ways to convince the six-time Ballon d’Or winner to stay at the club.

Reacting to this, TB Joshua on his official twitter page stated clearly that Lionel Messi should keep his superb relationship with Barcelona.

“It is not good advice for Lionel Messi to leave Barcelona bitter and offended. It is impossible to establish a healthy relationship with a person who left a previous relationship bitter and offended. This is my candid advice to Messi. History is our boss, he wrote


  1. Please allow him is all about change…because Don’t ever change just to impress and please someone. Change because it makes you a better person and it leads you to a better future.

  2. the man of God is right, Barcelona as your boy hood club Lionel Messi ought to have known that he’s not supposed to leave bitter and offended though he has contributed alot to the club but he should also remember when other club rejected him because of he’s Medical Condition and Barcelona over look that and paid a huge sum of money for him to be treated.

  3. Though, you just advice messi not to leave the club with quarrel which is good. But is it under must for man of God or religious leaders to be talking about football?

  4. In my write ups about this Messi and Barcelona problem, I have always been of the opinion that they should never end their contract with problems
    Any thing worth doing is worth doing fine. Barcelona and Messi should separate in peace without rancor
    They have been together in contract for so much a long time and have been of a very high importance to each other, I think Barcelona had been of help to Messi and Messi also has delivered so much for Barcelona
    There is no need for all these stories making around since it will be s bad thing if they go their separate ways with bitterness and anger

  5. Nothing is permanent in life, despite all he achieved with the club and the sacrifice the club has done for him. His happiness matters most, if he want to leave let him for his happiness.

  6. I don’t support that sir! Let him go and face other challenges, Barcelona should accept his request so that they can part ways in peace, he is there legend

  7. I don’t even understand this man, is he a politician, coach, doctor or a pastor. What is he begging Messi for now as his coach or what. The young man said he’s not playing for Barca again and your begging don’t leave nawa o. Important things are there to talk about, see CAMA put mouth there

  8. It’s good not to depart anywhere you have worked for more than a decade, Messi and board should iron things out amicably without quarrels. It’s good as you advise them.

  9. True words. Leaving Barcelona after the humiliation from Bayern is a stain on his career. I think he should stay in Barca for now, and if he wants to leave later, he can

  10. Why are we doing this in this country, a whole pastor talking about football is that what really concern now, nobody say you should not have feelings for football or lionel messi but you should have keep it in your mind. Thank you

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