Former Drug addict shares transformation photo after he stayed off drugs

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A Former drug addict @danddyseun has taken to twitter to share a transformation photo since he decided to stay off drugs.

In the photo he shared, he looked healthier and more appealing than when he was still abusing drugs.

Sharing the photos, he wrote: ‘I said “No” to drugs. Then and Now.”

Former Drug addict shares transformation photo after he stayed off drugs 4


  1. Don’t ever change just to impress and please someone. Change because it makes you a better person and it leads you to a better future….thanks God for your life ooh

  2. At least you too have seen the changes in you when governments both federal and states are advocating that you people should say no drugs abuse, you people will be saying what they saying, what it’s there problems but now you too can be the ambassador who will be saying or pronounce that you people should say no to drug abuse

  3. Drug abuse can ruin someone’s life, this thing is even dangerous to our health, like cigarettes now federal ministry of health used to advertise on media that smokers are liable to die Young yet people are still smoking it. You should be as good example that will telling people that should desist from drugs abuse or abusing the drugs. Transformation of life.

  4. Tell them if they will hear. It is Good you have quit drug.
    My people used to say that there is no flesh in the head of fish, it is only bones that you find in it
    So is drug, no gain at all in it, it is just a bad habit that will only put someone in a negative path
    Bros weldone you have quit doing drug, life with you will be better now as you can see, you look healthier now
    Maintain the abstainance and never go back

  5. Wow! amazing you made a very good decision by quiting drug and i pray God help those who are still on it to repent from this act.

  6. MY dear I thank God for your life, but I hope you stopped it with your whole heart that’s the most important thing here and again you have seen the difference that drug kills. So dear share the testimony amongst your friends that are still taking it tell them to quite taking it and God will bless you more

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