I will stay in Barcelona to avoid a legal war – Lionel Messi

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Barcelona captain, Lionel Messi, has confirmed he is staying at the club for the 2020/2021 season.

According to him, he has taken the decision to avoid a legal war.

“I told the club, to the president in particular, that I wanted to leave. They know this since the start of the past season. I told them during all the last 12 months. But I will stay here because I don’t want to start a legal war”, he said


  1. Good of for taking that drastic decision because if you started dragging it with them, they (fans) will just start all sorts of negative to you. I wish you all the best.

  2. This type of Stay back is somehow..o
    Staying back just because he wants to avoid legal battle is somehow. He is no more staying for the love of the team or the game so how can Barcelona be sure he is going to continue putting in his right and full effort to deliver
    This is union by force, it does not work

  3. Wise decision indeed because you have tried your best for them but they refused to compliment you with your decision. They ought to have accept it as the way you want it but the reverse is the case. I’m very happy with your decision that you take, may the season be a good one for you.

  4. This is absolutely rubbish, whats legal war? Can’t him leave if he decide to leave Barcelona, his already confirm his discission that he want to leave and move on in another team. I did not welcome the issue of legal war, its only messi, messi is also a player like other in barcelona why can’t you release him like you do to other player.

  5. I think that’s a good decision to make, leaving because of Barca’s humiliation to Bayern will be a terrible thing in your career.
    Another is that I do not believe he can ever leave Barcelona. It’s as if he signed a life contract with the club

  6. Barcelona will loose him for free by the end of next season is it not foolishness, why not cash in on him now and let him go

  7. Wow.. nice one world best, because leaving Barcelona right now would have been so unfair, this is the time he’s needed more in that team.

  8. Wow.. Nice One World Best, Because Leaving Barcelona Right Now Would Have Been So Unfair, This Is The Time He’s Needed More In That Team

  9. You are staying to avoid legal war…. Does this really make sense. When you pen life contract with the club you never thought of the future.

  10. Dear Messi this one you are staying in Barca just because you want to avoid legal war, hope you will still do well. Because you are not staying there again with your mind. If I may ask sef which kind legal war is that, that is making you take this decision

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