Ladies while praying for the success of your man, pray for yours too – Actress, Mary Remmy-Njoku

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Nollywood actress and producer, Mary Remmy-Njoku has dished out some advice to her female followers.

In a post shared on her Instagram page on Friday September 4, Mary appealed to ladies to pray for themselves and use their connections as much as they do for their partners

She wrote:

Dear ladies, as you pray for the success of your man, pray for yours too. While you are using your connections to get him a job, get one too. You are NOT allegic to earning an income”


  1. Sure they will include me i will pray..because a real woman isn’t perfect. A perfect woman isn’t real. All that matters is that her spirit and heart are real. If you can’t handle that, then maybe you’re not being real where it counts

  2. You have spoken well on this advice giving to the ladies because the only thing that constant in life is change. Anything can happen in the nearest future. Therefore, you (ladies) should always remember themselves in prayer whenever they are praying for their husbands. Nothing bad in what you said.

  3. What you said it’s a welcome idea, when you are praying to God on your husband’s behalf you should also remember to request your own needs from him(God), I know he will surely answer. But what I think that’s good for married women is to be self employed and if your husband can do that, it will be very helpful to your family. Always ladies should remember to pray themselves also whenever they are praying for their husbands.

  4. Woman should continue to pray for there husband to successful, because if her husband succeed is pride for the woman and you shall eat the fruit of your husband. Is a good advice coming from Mary Remmy. She didn’t say woman should stop praying for there husband, she said woman should pray for there own too.

  5. True talk my sister. What a lovely advice
    In as much as some ladies hustle nowadays, there are still some that feel that they will never look for a way to make their own money but to depend solely on a man
    They feel that only men are meant to get money and look after them
    They should look for money too afterall there is no way they wrote on money “only for men”

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