NAPTIP arrests four women for allegedly selling a newborn baby for N1.5m

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Officials of National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) have arrested four women for allegedly selling a newborn baby for N1,500,000.

According to NAPTIP officials, two of the women, Bernadette Ihezuo and Cecilia Onyema, are civil servants with the Federal Ministry of Finance Abuja, and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, respectively. The third suspect, Okasi Ekeoma, is said to be Onyema’s sister, while the fourth suspect is the baby’s grandmother Harrieth Nmezi who resides in Imo state.

The teenage mother got pregnant while staying with her mother who then took her to Onyema’s residence where she lived until she delivered her baby. Immediately after delivery, the other women took the child from the young mother and sold off the baby.

The women were arrested following a tipoff received by some members of the public. The baby has been rescued while the suspects have confessed to the crime and will be arraigned in court soon.


  1. OMG! Are they really a human being? Absolutely they are not, are these not people that we will be calling mothers? Why is it some women or mothers so heartless like this to the extent of selling new born baby? I don’t think they give birth at all and if they do, they must be a devil. They be prosecuted and then be jailed.

  2. What’s really going on, on this Earth because I could not comprehend it. At least four of you have once being a pregnant women for nine months and experience the pain, more so, you all know that taking care of a child or children is not an easy task then how on Earth would you carry a new born baby and sold it out. No amount of money can quantify the stress that the baby’s mother went through, you don’t even pity the poor girl. Civil servant indeed, haba! That’s wicked attitude. They should even be jailed without taking their plea.

  3. Every Heart Has A Pain .. Only The Way Of Expression Is Different .. Some Hide It In Eyes While Some Hide In Their Smile.This lady should not go unpunished ooh

  4. Thank you God. God has court you and i know you will never scout free. Thanks to NAPTIP, my own advice is to kill all of them so that the people like them outside there we see them as a great example may be they can stop it. Once again you will never scout free.

  5. People can be wicked..o
    How can someone just take a new born baby and sell it. This is unfair nah
    Thank God Almighty the baby has been rescued and The perpetrators of this heinous crime arrested
    The police should thoroughly investigate them so as to know more about their link or links so as to nab all of them and break the link. They should be prosecuted and dealt with accordingly and severely so as to act as a detriment to others who may be planning such evils.

  6. This is really bad, from the picture i observed these are mothers who must have gone through child birth before so i wonder why they would think or carrying out such wicked act.

  7. This world is coming to an end o…. Can you imagine even the baby’s grand ma is involved in that act. What sort of grandma is she nawa o. Thank God you people have been caught and exposed.

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