Nationwide curfew now 12am to 4am – FG

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The Nigerian Government has made it known that the nationwide curfew in place in the country to restrict movement amid the Coronavirus pandemic is now from 12am to 4am.

This was according to a statement by the National Coordinator of the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19, Dr Sani Aliyu, during a briefing at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja, on Thursday.

“I will first of all start with general movement. We are modifying the curfew to commence from 12 midnight to 4am nationwide, effective from 12:00 tonight.

“This does not apply to people on essential services and international travellers that might be returning from abroad, Aliyu said

The PTF, following the lifting of the lockdown occasioned by the pandemic, had on May 4, 2020, imposed a nationwide curfew from 6pm to 8am. It later reviewed the timing to between 10pm and 4am on June 1, 2020.


  1. This people are confused. They say this and say that, saying things one does not know the meaning and reason and the importance
    The funny thing is that no one takes time to enforce all these things
    They just say them for saying sake
    God save us..o

  2. Sure for safety and our benefit.because There comes a time in life when you just need to sit back and relax and focus on all the good things in your life and just put all the bad aside for awhile.

  3. Does this curfew has effect on Nigerians, I think it’s only security agencies or other special duties people are the one ought the one to be moving around by that time, and travellers inclusive.

  4. We are less concerned about curfew, what we are expecting from you is more than curfew, do you expect me to be outside at that moment when I’m not a security agency or one of the health personnel. Government should find lasting solution to our problems.

  5. The curfew is not working at all yes I said so because here in Abia State there has been curfew for over 6months and now from 10pm-5am, but is not working anything. So if state didn’t work is it Nationwide that will work?

  6. Yes is very good like that and I support it, I just pray to God now to please claer our sorry, our sorry is this Global Pandemic ‘CORONA VIRUS. Please God let this issue of covid-19 be an history in Nigeria and global entirely. Amen

  7. Does restriction of movement at night has anything to do with d spread of Covid-19. Do the government monitor the movement of people during the day period. Many issues on ground that need to be addressed to stop the spread of this virus and not just restrictions at night.

  8. This is better, at least there will be more time for people to carry out their business activities and please will should remember to keep social distancing.

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