After a certain age, “you forced me into this” is no longer a tenable excuse – Actress, Ireti Doyle

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Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle has expressed her thoughts on age and giving excuses.

In a tweet she shared on twitter, she made it known that at a certain age one should have a mind of their own and avoid blaming others for their mistakes

She wrote:

After a certain age, “you made me do it” … you forced me into this”… you foisted this on me” … is no longer a tenable excuse.. You have a mind of your own ; use it.


  1. Of course it might not be a tenable excuse but sometimes we do things in the act of pity or assistance but now we should all think twice before taking any steps. What you Know that after doing it you will regret if back fire, we desist from doing it.

  2. There are so many things that age doesn’t determine it such as love, when you are in love no matter what people say as at that time you won’t listen, no matter how hard is that decision once you have made up your mind nobody can convince you of not doing it. But also there are some things that you need to examine carefully before taking that decision because nobody will take the blame for you once you have attain certain age.

  3. This is noted. Everyonte at a certain age should take full responsibility and stop blaming another person for his or her deeds

  4. It’s true my sister, that’s what they normally say if what they expect is upside down, they we say ” and I don’t want to do It o … It was ….. That push me to do it. Instead of that why can’t you use your own mind to do anything.

  5. You are very much correct but there are some kinda things that someone can archive even without minding his or her age. For example no one is bigger than education no matter your age, you can still go to school and get your certificate and still answer a graduate

  6. Yea. Absolutely right, puting blame on others shows how immature and irresponsible you are, there is a popular saying which says if you want to be strong learn to fight Alone.

  7. love is not something anyone will force you into it your choices and your personal decision you have to blame your self for anything that will follow

  8. Exactly what seventy % out of hundred of people are passing through today mistakes tht set them backward while they were still young

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