Blasphemy: If Yahaya Sheriff is killed, it will mean a terrorist is ruling us – Primate Ayodele

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The leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has called on the Kano state government to temper justice with mercy in the case of the singer, Yahaya Shefiff who was charged with blasphemy and issued a death sentence.

In a statement he shared, he made it known that if Sheriff is killed, it will mean that the country is ruled by a terrorist.
According to him, killing the singer will amount to spilling blood of the innocent.

“I am still begging, killing of Yahaya Sharif will mean we have a terrorist ruling us, I will advise the governor of Kano not to attest to this. If he does, it means he isn’t a good man. He should forget about religion. He needs to temper justice with mercy, he needs to forgive this young man,” he said

“We are serving the same God in a different way, I’m begging that he should be forgiven. He is a star, he has a mission on earth, killing him means killing the hope of those he will help tomorrow. He should be forgiven,” he added


  1. You said and I quote “he is a star” . Does that means if you are a star you can do anything you want or like without thinking of law or mindful of what that will happen. Stars should be mindful of their utterance, they are the one most of the people take as their role models or leaders. If stars committed atrocities they should leave them and go Scott free. If he really guilty of the said allegation then he should face the consequences.

  2. In as much as I am not a Muslim, I am still of the opinion that this man should not be harmed in any way. If he has offended God, let him and his God settle
    They should temper justice with Mercy, that is what all of us have been saying and begging
    Capital punishment is never a solution to stopping any crime

  3. There is nothing special in what you said because Every religious has its own rules and regulations or law that guiding its followers, once you have accepted that religion you must accept it whole heartedly without thinking otherwise (once you have enter water you must not complaining of cold). In islam, blasphemy is a great offence and he knows that he just intended to carry out the act. If you are a star you must be mindful of your utterance in order not cause trouble for yourself. If stars committed any crime he/she should be dealt with. Laws doesn’t spare stars in one way or the other. This will serve as a lesson to other people who have that act in mind.

  4. If he was fined guity i can’t stop Kano State Government not to do the righteous according to the law, but this matter of consideration from Primate Ayodele., If they find him guity and the consider him, please what is that mean to teach a lesson to others, my own advise is just to do the proper investigation and they should do the rightful. Thank you.

  5. I pray God opens our eyes so that we can be free from this spiritual blindness. How can you kill a man in the name of God because he blasphemes?
    All these religious fanatics.

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