Electricity/petrol hike: Just don’t kill everyone before 2023 – Deji Adeyanju tells Buhari

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Human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju has reacted to the series of increase in primary commodities.

In a tweet he shared on Twitter, he called on the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to be considerate about its policies and stop increasing everything adding that he has finished the country with his series of price hiking.

Buhari has already finished this county. Nigerians are not expecting anything from him. Just don’t kill everyone before 2023. Stop increasing everything. They increased price of import duty by almost 400%, he wrote


  1. Buhari can not kill us because his not our creator we have our creator which is God. Stop blaming the president it’s true we mistakingly choose him but is God. Let’s just be prayerful and let us direct our want to God. May Almighty God reborn our country for us. Amin.

  2. Infact, we resist this kind of treatment during the Jonathan administration but now we are being giving worse during this buhari administration, do the buhari administration want to kill us by increasing everything in Nigeria without sparing any aspects. I think that’s what they want to do, they want to kill us before 2023. May help us from these greediness people.

  3. Infact, the is the act of wickedness during the time we are just coming out from the suffering and agony of this pandemic. More than average Nigerians are leaving below one dollar per day, the government should come to the grass root and see how we are suffering, this is ungodly act exhibited by this administration. Increase in tariff of electricity, PMS, all the food items and many more. Government should rescind her decision before getting out of hand. This is unbearable for us.

  4. Do not trust people who are full of themselves. They try to make themselves sound so important that you can’t live without them. In truth, they spend so much time focused on themselves they are virtually worthless when it comes to really getting anything done.Buhari should do something about it.

  5. The government seems to be insensitive totally to the sufferings of the masses which had already reached the peak, if not why on earth should they continue to increase the prices of fuel and electricity knowing fully well that this commodities have direct influence on the prices of other goods
    They want to strangule the masses because they know that everyone in this country is fade up and most can not eat one square meal a day

  6. The government should have consider the fact we where hit hard, covid-19 has made many Nigerians jobless, money isn’t in circulation, food price hack. God go save us oooooo

  7. they keep treating people badly and time for election they will start preaching love and promises that they can’t keep to,may God help this country

  8. Federal government should have a rethinking on this please, even in the midst of the pandemic you still want to increase the price of Petro and electricity. This is totally unfair for the masses.

  9. A confuse government with the top man in the centre, not having any solution for the arising problems of the country

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