Ondo Election: PDP is dead in Ondo, just settle down and nail their Coffin – Tinubu

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The National leader of the All Progressive Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has described the opposition Peoples Democratic Party in Ondo state as dead and buried.

Tinubu said this in Akure that the members and supporters of the ruling All Progressive Congress in the state needed not to worry fighting a dead corpse

“you don’t fight the PDP. There is no point fighting a corpse inside the coffin, just settle down and calmly nail their coffin, he said

Speaking on the reelection of governor Akeredolu and his reconciliation moves, the national leader said that “the governor had showed that he wanted genuine reconciliation among party members in the state.

” lndeed, the governor cannot push forward nor can the state advance if there is division and dissension among us. Unity and adherence to collective purpose are hallmarks of progressive politics. Our ability to place the public welfare above our personal ambitions is what differentiates us from the political regressives rather that the general welfare suffer so they can fulfil their personal whims and wishes.

“As progressives, we must carefully tend to our bridge of unity. We must never allow it to break. We entered politics and governance to serve the people and this purpose should always bind us in ceaseless fraternity and togetherness.

“All true progressives must work towards this fertile unity and sustain that unity. With it we can achieve the great things we see for this state and this nation. We can build a progressive society for ourselves and our children.

” Without that unity, we will forever be in a blinding fog, so much so that we will be fighting friend and foe alike because we will be too confused to know the difference between the two. This is no path to greatness. It is the path to stagnation,


  1. All these politicians Sha, they are going in campaigning and empty promises without intend of fulfilling anyone out of there promises. All what they are after is to get victory without minding those people they are governing wether they deliver the dividend of democracy to them or not. Ondo people should shine their eyes oooo.

  2. Politicians with their sugar coated mouth, I will just implore ondo people to choose wisely, when they are campaigning they will said a lot of promises which can not be fulfilled in order to attain the position they are aspiring for. All those politicians are bird of a feather which flies together. Look at mess we are in now, you brought it upon us and you still want us to continue suffering God forbid. When you are looking for assistance of Masses you will come to us then after getting it you will vanished. Just campaign with your achievement no more no less.

  3. sir so that is ur mindset my adverse to u is that never look down on anyone it may hunt u tomorrow u may be thinking that PDP is dead in ondo nd they will just win it so do ur work very well if u want to win OK nd stop saying that OK am even praying for PDP to win the election

  4. Since you know that the opposition is Dead why doing rally then, well what you sai is not special as a politician. The best liers in the hole world is politicians. Let’s wait and see the dead one. And again, my advice for people of Ondo State is to use there brain and choose the right person because everyone in Nigeria are seeing how APC is ruling in the country. Thank you

  5. PDP is the party among all…ondo If your supposed to expect the unexpected wouldn’t that make the unexpected expected since your expecting it?

  6. Since you know opposition party is dead in Ondo State why rally then? Anyway I’m not surprise that’s Nigeria political liers, that’s how they normally say and they know how they can do and undo like how they do in Ekiti, Osun and Kogi. My advice to people of Ondo State” calm down and vote wisely so that you can choose the right person, I think you see how APC is ruling the country now and you also see how some APC governor are ruling there state. Thank you.

  7. Mhhhh politicians are talkatives. Is it only PDP that is a party in Ondo state. If they are nailed, other political parties can still push up and put a surprise
    All the contestants are from Ondo so they are brothers and sisters
    Any one who wins should try to make Ondo state better

  8. can you imagine this statement, OK Sir since you know that the opposition party is dead then why are you doing campaign, You would have relax and be waiting for the election day when they will declare APC winners

  9. Since you know opposition is dead in ondo state then the rally isn’t necessary but I must tell you the People democratic party (PDP) is the biggest treat you ever have.

  10. this is really serious how did PDP die people just like saying anything they feel like saying and it not good,I believe that PDP will never die but it will keep getting stronger

  11. PDP, APC…. They are all the same people with different names without any agenda for the people but with the motive to come and loot the state’s funds.

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