Daddy Freeze Is A Bastard…His Father Is Not Known That Is Why He Keeps Insulting My Spiritual Father

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Watch the viral video of Pastor David Ibiyeomie cursing Daddy Freeze on his constant insults of Bishop David Oyedepo.


  1. Lord have mercy on him..must his father be that known before he start to have self-control..and stop saying all kind things about man of god

  2. OMG! Why is that those people we look up to as father not ordinary father but the spiritual father are behaving like your, they want to turn themselves to Fuji music people that insulting one another. I think CAN should call them to order and put a stop to this useless act.

  3. Are these people are really man of God? Is it their in Bible to insult one another? Does God asked you to insult or scold one another? I don’t think they are really men of God but running businesses empire because if truly you are man of God you won’t insult one another. Those body in charge of religious ethics should do something about this issue.

  4. Daddy freeze should becarefull, he must not come on air all time to counter men of God on some certain issue, because these are servants of God and not ordinary people.

  5. Why must Daddy Freeze insulted a man of God, a man of God are God sent, let’s be realistic, is not proper to insult man of God. Pastor David Ibiyeomie should just calm down because if he started insulting Daddy Freeze like this it will be getting too much. My advice for Daddy Freeze now is just to apologise from Pastor Iyiola Oyedepo.

  6. You can’t trust anybody these days…you think you have a good friend till you turn around and realize they have the knife 6 inches deep in your back…..such is life

  7. Daddy freeze this is not right at all, is this what you are teaching the church to insult one another, you need to ask God for forgiveness because you have sin and you need to make peace

  8. We are all in this world to listen to each other and correct one another where need be. No one is perfect except God Almighty
    When any one is corrected, the best thing is for that person to listen and see where to make amends
    Daddy Freeze is not God and pastors too are not God. We all are mortal beings that can never say we know everything
    All these curses are therefore uncalled for and are unfair
    This is not supposed to be autocratic please

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