You Are Useless, May Your Kind Be Purged From The Land – Sheik Albaniy Blasts Buhari Over Insecurity, Tyranny

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Islamic Cleric, Adam Albaniy has put President Buhari on blast over the state of Insecurity in the land and high-handedness in power. He said he does not understand the use of the President to the nation. He said “you’re Useless, May Your Kind Be Purged From The Land”

Watch the video below:


  1. You are not the only one baffled by this condition we are in in Nigeria. The high level of insecurity is alarming and no fight thinking person will be at ease with the situation
    The government seems to be incapacitated knowing nothing to do again. The criminals seem to have upper hand and has taking over, killing and destroying properties and one begins to wonder where our president is
    The only thing we experience in this nation is high handedness, if any one talks anything against the government, they try to silence the person through arrest and intimidation. No opposition voice is allowed to stand
    Thanks to this religious leader for coming out clear to talk against the ill of this government

    1. Is he not saying the truth? Let’s look at the way Please Muhammadu buhari is ruling the country, in time of security Buhari is absolutely”zero not to talk of Economy, no free of speech in the country anymore. If Nigeria remember one cleric from Rosia that called Muhammadu Buhari deaf and dump, is just the way Muhammadu buhari is ruling this country is not proper, the cleric said Buhari suppose to resign from president because his not capable to rule the country. So why are we surprising when the called him useless now, is not only we Nigeria that are seeing what President Muhammadu buhari is doing even other countries know what we passing through. My own is to support Sheik Albaniy suggestion. Thank you.

  2. The statement is harsh somehow. Though we (Nigerians) have been clamouring that if changing of service chiefs will solve the problem of this insecurities the president should do that without hesitate but he didn’t listen to our voices of voiceless. Even NASS have suggested that but to no avail. If someone like you can still reiterated the worsening of the insecurities in Nigeria may be he would listen to you. Nigerians have tired of him gaaaan

  3. I don’t know the reason why president buhari do not have listening hear, with the level of insecurities in Nigeria such as killing by herdsmen, bandits, arm robbery etc. As GCON and no one citizen of the country, he don’t even do wether he is listening to our clamouring. If we can people like you to talk to his ear wether he is going to listen to you. No nation can have stable economy if there’s high level of insecurities, he should stand up to his duties and responsibilities in order to solve the problem of insecurities.

  4. The high level of insecurity in this country is too much just imagine the rate boko harams are killing people every now and then and Mr. President is not doing anything about it. You that even came out and have the boldness to talk to him May The Almighty Allah bless you. But then be careful bcoz I know he will come after yoy

  5. Thanks To This Religious Leader For Coming Out to say he’s mind, honestly we don’t understand the use of the president because everyday the rate of crime is increasing and the government is not acting fast towards that

  6. All things are subjective, a person’s circumstances has nothing to do with current or past events, but rather their perception of those events, and the attitude and manner in which they choose to approach stop that he still our ruler

  7. we are not save in this country,and nobody is doing anything about this, their fly their children outside the country if Nigeria is save will they fly their children out.

  8. Insecurity is a monster that does not know any tribe or religion, anyone can be a victim. Kudos to the mallam for being bold enough to speak against Buhari.

  9. I don’t know the reason it’s hard for Nigerian presidents to resign from office. I have heard of president of other nations resigning from office because of the inability to handle things in their country, but Nigeria’s is always different.
    This president needs to be impeached.

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