Any Muslim lawyer who defends convicted Kano singer has renounced his faith – Sokoto Cleric

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Abubakar Usman Mabera, chairman of Sokoto state Ulama forum of Izala, says any Muslim lawyer who defends Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, the musician sentenced to death in Kano state for blasphemy has renounced Islam.

Sharif-Aminu was sentenced to death by hanging on August 10 after he was found guilty of blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad, an act which has since caused an outcry among Nigerians.

The convict has however appealed against the court’s decision without the representation of a lawyer as he has been denied one.

Mabera, while speaking in Sokoto at the weekend, said blasphemy is a capital offence in Islam of which punishment is death, and that since a competent court has found the singer guilty, he cannot be pardoned, he warned all Muslim lawyers to be careful about defending the convict as any one who does such has renounced his faith.

The cleric also asked the Muslim faithful to seek God’s forgiveness because the prevailing setbacks in the country are signs of wrongdoing.

”For all indications, God is not happy with us and we have to repent because he alone is the answer to our woes,” he said.


  1. I think lawyers said there is no ignorance in law, an as I see what’s on ground they (lawyers) won’t represent this guy when he does not have a representative that means their is no argument whether he should be pardoned or not. Judge should just tamper justice with mercy.

  2. Once it’s shari’a law, he also known that blasphemy is a great offence or sin in Quran. He should have not done that but it has happened. May God forgive him his sins.

  3. The place that they follow Sheria is different from we’re there not practicing it. According to the cleric, I mean Abubakar Usman Mabera said is true according to the law, even in the Holly Book which is Bible it was written there that Blasphemy is generally defined as the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things, synonymous with irreverence and disrespect of God.
    Psalms 74:18
    Isaiah 52:5
    Roman 2:24.
    Blasphemy is a term that appears in both old and new Testament.
    Blasphemy was punished by stoning, which was inflected on the son of shelomith, Leviticus 24:11. On this charge both our Lord and St.Stephen were condemned to death by the Jews. The blasphemy against the holighost.
    Mathew 12:32
    Mark 3:28

  4. They should pardon this boy kwanu most of them that wants this guy dead must have committed one crime or the other, but they are still living, so they should forgive this guy. There are more important things to tackle in this country not this guy’s case haba

  5. if I may ask what on earth did this Young man said that everybody want him dead so is now a crime to say what he saw that is not right because I don’t know y everyone want him dead OK if u people want to kill him kill him nd stop disturbing people

  6. so sad! Although am not a Muslim and I don’t know much about the religion but why not leave it for God to judge, they should also understand he’s only a human and every human is bound to make mistake sometime in life.

  7. Well, I am not a Muslim but all I still beg is that they should temper justice with mercy
    Killing this musician is not and will never be a solution to any thing

  8. Religious fanatics!
    I don’t understand why we cannot separate the law of a religion from that of the nation.
    I believe this country is not an Islamic nation, so persecuting an individual by hanging to death because of blasphemy in the law court show that this nation is religious bias. This is rubbish.

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