Commodity hike: If we complain, they will oppress and harass us – Harrysong

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Nigerian singer, Harrysong has hinted on threats of oppression and arrest awaiting those who complain about the increase in prices of primary commodities across the country.

The singer made the comment in reaction to popular member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Henry Shield’s tweet on the increased prices of items across the country.

Henry Shield had tweeted;

“Like play like play, APC took a bag of Rice from N8k to N32k. Fuel from N89 to N162, a dollar from N160 to N480”

Reacting to this, Harrysong wrote;

“na wa o ..and if we complain .. they’ll oppress us and arrest us


  1. Sometimes you need patience in order to find true happiness. It won’t come fast and it won’t come easy, but it will be worth it.

  2. He’s right this is absolutely a threat of oppression, it is obvious the administration do not have good plan for the masses, how can you hike the price of commodity at this time when people find it hard to feed their family and in the midst of of pandemic.

  3. That’s truth of it, if anybody or anyone make any complain instead of them to look inward and make necessary adjustments the reverse is the case they will just look for a way to intimidate the person and threatening the person with DSS.

  4. Oppress and intimidating that is what this government is good at instead of solving Nigerians problem, we in democracy era and we are free to express our grievances either by saying it out or protest but this present government does not want that. I could remember when they want to take over government from former president Jonathan they threw all sorts of insults and abusive words to him but he didn’t intimidate them with DSS instead he tries to adjust and amend but this present government is vice versa.

  5. You are very correct, they know what they are doing that was why they first of all increase hate speech from 500k to 5M because they know what they want to do, so they did it so that no one will talk.

  6. Bros wonders shall never cease to happen. I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing. It looks as if it is not happening in real life. At first it was like a movie, folk tales and fiction but for sure it is real
    The hike in prices of these essential goods and services is unbearable. It is crystaly clear that this present government does not care about how the citizens feel. As elwe are complaining of the biting hardship in the land, the government is busy making it worse and worse every day by day
    It is like they want to fry us with frying pan and when we complain, they molest and arrest us
    This is a sad situation
    Who will bail the rat from the cat?

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