Commodity hike: Nigerians have raised $15k for BBNaija Erica but have not been able to raise any resistance to Buhari – Reno Omokri

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Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri has reacted to a fundraiser that has been launched to support disqualified Big brother Naija housemate, Erica Nlewedim.

In a post he shared on Instagram, he expressed disappointment as to how Nigerians have been able to raise $15k in 5hours for the disqualified housemate and have not been able to raise a resistance for the past 5days against the Buhari-led government over the hike of basic commodities in the country.

The former Presidential spokesperson who singled out Nigerians who always say “come and lead the protest”, stated that we act spontaneously for irrelevancies but look up to others to act for us on relevant things.

He wrote:

In 5 hours, Nigerians raised $15,000 for #BBNaija’s Erica. In 5 days, the same Nigerians have not been able to raise any resistance to General Buhari’s increase of fuel and electricity costs. If you talk, some Nigerians will say come and lead the protest. Who led them to raise a record breaking $15,000 in 5 hours? We can act spontaneously for irrelevancies, but we are looking for others to act for us on relevant things! Nigeria deserves General Buhari!


  1. is this man OK what re u saying can u listing to ur self talk how did u come about $15k so u now leave what u re suppose to do nd be doing something else abi

  2. Buhari is the president of the country so you can’t resist him of that…because Says “you can only push someone away for so long, before they turn around and walk away forever!!”

  3. Erica is working for her self to become somebody, Erica has been disqualified from BBnaija and young girl has been trying so far. So if we Nigeria stand by her and raised some little for her is not a sin. President Muhammadu Buhari is ruling the country, you can’t compare BUHARI and ERICA the lady is not civil servant or Buhari cabinet, she poot hope in BBnaija to become somebody. Buhari is receiving monthly salary as Commander in Chief of the federation, aside from salary he is still stealng our money to finance his family and to take care of him self, Buhari and his family have been stealing our country money for so long did he remember anyone even what he suppose to concentrate on which is country Economy and Security he did not. Erica is Nigeria citizen not like President of the country. Thank you

  4. This is so disappointing to Nigeria people who are contributing money to Erica,she has no good behaviour. Such a person don’t deserve this contribution

  5. Nigerian youths with their act of laziness, I hope out of $15k raised for that disqualified BB naija aspirant they will take 85-90%, then what do you expect from those youths except nothing. We just want to be be richer without struggling.

  6. Though, we might not want to lead the protest but doesn’t mean that we support the what the present government is doing for us in terms of not providing employment, increase in commodities, increase in PMS etc. We have different organizations that can help or assist us in actualize the reversal of all this things without the protest. I’m not among those who supported that evil act and I will not be part of them. If someone is in coma state nobody will help but they can raised $15k in 5 hours for the person who is involved in the immoral act. Na wa o.

  7. Yessooo Nigerians have this attitude of misplacing priorities. See the amount of money they raised for this BBNAIJA disqualified member Erica. What is the thing they gain from this so called BBNAIJA that is making them to raise this type of amount
    When it comes to real important issues bedeviling the nation, none of them will show any sign of interest even at the point when the government is frying them in fire
    Ordinary complaint, they will not be serious to do that
    Suffering and smiling, that is what the legendary Fela Kuti likened Nigerians to be

  8. There is so much hypocrisy, not only in Nigeria,but all over the world. I can’t imagine myself raising money for a girl who is well to do already. We have a lot of people who can bearly eat two square meal a day, and those who donated foolishly will not be able to help. Hypocrisy!
    We only act to show.
    And concerning raising resistance, we had the labour Congress doing that for us before, but now, only God knows what they are doing.

  9. I have never seen a people that promote evil over good like Nigerians. Just because someone who went to BBnaija house, a place of immorality and rottenness has been disqualified because of her untamed character, some people within 5hrs had to raise 15,000 dollars for her, something they can’t do for the poor in the street.

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