Obaseki deserves to rule for another four years – Apostle Suleman

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Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries International is of the opinion that the current administration ruling Edo state deserves to rule for another four years.

He said this on Sunday when he met with Gov. Godwin Obaseki and his deputy as they came to visit him in his church ahead of the gubernatorial election which is scheduled to hold on the 19th of September.

Apostle Suleman assured Obaseki that the ministry would continue to support the administration to ensure it succeeded in governance of the State adding that they will continue to pray for the governor as he deserves to rule for another four years

“Though the altar is not for politics the church will not stop to pray for those in authority.

“I am a close friend of the running mate to the governor, and I believe the present administration deserves to steer the ship of the state for another four years,” Suleman said.


  1. You have said it all that alter is meant for politics then why are you campaigning for him that he deserves to be re-elected for another for years? If the the baton is turned around, what would you do? You should just pray for him without mentioning of re-elected for another for years. Our religious leaders and politicians.

  2. Can’t we seperate politics and religion because I could not see the reason why you would be campaigning for him as a pastor. What we need from you is to tell them the truth even if it’s bitter, you can commend him on his good deeds and highlight his weaknesses in order to improve next time not only praise and praise.

  3. A lot of people say that people can’t change. I think they’re wrong. My theory is: People can change. It’s just easier for them not to.if they have better plan for country.

  4. I don’t understand some of our pastors and prophets these days o, they have turned the alter of God where they can stand and campaign for whom they want to campaign for or say anything they want to say. OK imagine Rev. Mbaka prophesying about BBNaija and now Apostle Suleman talking about politics, all on the alter of God

  5. Apostle Suleman said it right but Alter is not meant for politics, like some previous news we hard this week when one Pastor pray for Formal Ministry for Aviation, Fani Kayode in Lagos a lot of Nigerian support his word but SA to President Muhammadu Buhari against it said Alter is not for that. So I think apostle Suleman is camping for Governor Obaseki

  6. Yes! You are right, he deserves another term. Governor obaseki has done well for EDO people alot of jobs has been created, roads, renovation of school and many more….. So he deserves another term for the good work to continue.

  7. Why must this religious leader dabble into politics at the first place
    He has the right to support any candidate of his choice but what I don’t like for him as a pastor is for him coming out open to start campaigning for Obaseki
    Come to think of it, what special things has Obaseki done for the people of Edo state that gives him the right to continue
    Well the people of Edo will decide who to vote
    God help Edo state

  8. I think pastor shouldn’t be part of candidate-campaigning, they should be totally neutral. Even if they have a candidate, they shouldn’t make it open in the air to prevent certain circumstances.

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