Aisha Buhari reacts to daughter’s wedding cartoon, speaks on crowd at Aso Villa

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The first lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari has expressed disappointment over a cartoon image of her after her daughters wedding at the presidential villa.

The cartoon image which was shared by Daily Trust’s cartoonist, Mustapha Bulama shows the First Lady watching Nigerians drown in a river while she ignored them and shared the wedding invitation of her daughter.

The picture depicts the suffering being experienced by Nigerians due to the recent hike in electricity and fuel tariffs by the President Muhammadu Buhari government.

There were also reports at the weekend that the first family ignored all COVID-19 protocols as they held the elaborate wedding at the Villa.

Reacting to the issues, Aisha’s Spokesman, Aliyu Abdullahi told BBC Hausa on Monday that his principal was not happy with how the cartoonist portrayed her in the cartoon image.

He said, “The cartoonist did not put Mrs Buhari in the right perspective with his drawing. Her daughter’s wedding has nothing to do with the present hardship Nigerians are facing.

And let me tell you that the first lady told all her aides not to make the wedding a big one because it was going to be a low key event.

“And again, the wedding pictures Aisha shared on her social media pages were pictures shot after the wedding parties.”

Furthermore, the presidential aide added that the video which also went viral showing a crowd of people at the wedding were videos that were shot in Zaria at the grooms’ residence and not at the presidency.


  1. oh sad. Although the daughter’s wedding has noting to do with the hardships of this country or in anyway contributing to it but I believe the cartoonist is trying to Pass a message of what the masses are experiencing right now.

  2. All the same, we still have the COVID-19 protocols and rules on ground and with pictures posted on social media no one out of you observing the rules wether aso Villa or Zaria. I could remember when funke akindele celebrated her husband birthday in low key she was prosecuted for floating COVID-19 protocols and convicted. What I’m going to ask from you is that who is going to arrest you and prosecute you for floating the COVID-19 protocols. When you belong to influential people you free to whatever you like but when you are nobody, they will arrest and prosecute you without delay.

  3. The wedding is suppose to be a low key one but it went viral, if u truely you want it to be a low key one you shouldn’t have make it known to media.

  4. Nigeria are full of impunity that nobody can challenge you if are connected with influential people to the extent that you can do anything you like and nobody dare to allege you. Our government should let nobody above law, if anybody including those influential go against the law they also subject them to the law enforcement agencies.

  5. You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, even months analyzing a situation, trying to put the pieces together. Justifying what could’ve, should’ve, would’ve happened. Or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move on with life.Her daughter want expressed her feeling.

  6. we re talking about the killings happening everyday u people re they partying in the name of wedding nd no social distance they oo if common man host any part now u will send DSS after the person. God is watching all of us

  7. low keyed ..abi? but the planners were flown from Dubai and the accessories and items also.I think the cartoonist should be given the highest award for his creative ingenuity;what I’m not pleased about is the fact that it’s not wisely circulated so that Nigerians can see the the type of people or family leading them.

  8. God will not allow you to spoil this country husband and wife if President Muhammadu Buhari is ruling Nigeria hardship must Aishat be crazy because of image cartoon because they did not include “Mrs Buhari. Is this right? We are facing allot of challenges in the country like this you are fighting for cartoon idiot people.

  9. It is sad to see a family enjoying to the fullest with the common resources of a group of people and the others are just dying of hunger and starvation
    The suffering in the land is unbearable and that is what the cartoonist wants to make Aisha to be aware of
    Why is she complaining? She should talk to her husband who seems not to care about the people he claims to be ruling over
    Coming to covid issues, I did not see any one in that marriage party obeying the rules that are stipulated to curb the spread of the virus
    I wouldn’t know why

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