Ibiyeomie and Freeze Clash: I am ashamed he has misinterpreted the gospel – Kemi Lala Akindoju

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Nollywood actress, Kemi Lala-Akindoju has expressed disappointment in the clash between pastor David Ibiyeomie and Daddy Freeze which has since triggered a lot of controversies online.

The pastor in a video had threatened Daddy freeze whom he accused of insulting his spiritual father, Bishop Oyedepo.

Kemi Lala-Akindoju in a tweet she shared on Twitter stated that she is ashamed for pastor Ibiyeomie only because he misrepresented the gospel of Jesus.

She also urged people to seek God themselves instead of digesting all that slips out from their pastors lips adding that she is even more shocked at the congregation echoing the insults because that is not what the Bible teaches.

She wrote:

“Meanwhile I just watched the video of that pastor. It is wrong, SO WRONG! First as a supposed christian, then as leader and finally as human human being. I’m even more shocked at the congregation echoing the insults.

“Please that is not what the Bible preaches, this is why it is important to know God for yourself, read your bible yourself and don’t get blinded by religion. I am very ashamed for him only because he has misrepresented the gospel of Jesus. Proverbs 18 is a good scripture to meditate on today. Selah!


  1. That’s what I’m emphasizing on that religious leaders do not need to insult one another before getting recognized, instead of preaching words of God they started insulting one another which is ridiculous. Preach what Bible teaches you not vice versa, who are we going to meet or consult when pastors or religious leaders are behaving like this.

  2. Political leaders are doing their own and also religious leaders. Are they not the one to settle any rifts among their congregation but now they are the one creating issues among themselves. Most of the religious leaders are seeing there churches as an avenue for maximize profit and they are less concerned about words of God. Everybody should know his/her God before going any religious house if not they will just mislead people. This issue is uncalled for.

  3. Hmm… This is getting Serious, daddy freeze started this whole issue by countering the spiritual father, and is always fund of that by countering men of God.

  4. You don’t know what you are saying. Ashamed of what? You don’t even understand the Bible. The so called daddy freeze kicked against Bishop Oyedepo’s sermon of submission must come from the wife. The so called daddy freeze said the man must also submit which is unbiblical; the Bible says wives submit to your husband; husband love your wife. So man is to love while woman is to submit.

  5. I respect the pastor so much, but I am not in support of how he want about the issue, I believe daddy oyedekpo has grown up children who are even more richer than daddy freeze that should have handled that issue not pastor ibeomie..

  6. Why is this saga reaching this level. I don’t see the need of this. We all are humans and in extension not perfect
    Only God Almighty is perfect. As for us, be you a pastor or whatever should always listen to one another and find ways to make amends and corrections where need be
    Oyedepo said his own from his own angle of view and Freeze also said his own view, it is left for the two to understand each other instead of heating the polity because of this

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