If we deregulated, shouldn’t the Fuel price have dropped – Atiku asks FG

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Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has questioned the Federal government on the reported deregulation of the petroleum sector.

In a tweet he shared via his official Twitter handle, Atiku asked why the price of petrol isn’t dropping since the government has reportedly embarked on deregulation. According to him, fuel prices in US and Europe are far lower than they were in 2019.

”I am a businessman. I look at things from an economic perspective. Questions beg answers. The price of crude is down from where it was in 2019. In the US and Europe, fuel prices are far lower than they were in 2019. If we truly deregulated, shouldn’t fuel price have dropped?” he tweeted

The Federal government had blamed the decision for the recent increase in fuel pump prices to the deregulation of the petroleum sector and suspension of subsidies on petroleum products


  1. A lot of people say that people can’t change. I think they’re wrong. My theory is: the fuel will reduce to normal capicity of votage..

  2. Can petroleum products price reduce if the government deregulate it? Look at the price of the kerosene the government have removed subsidy from it since, when you were in power then why can’t you make the sale at #50 per litre? Are you telling us that if you remove subsidy from products it will come down. Removing of subsidy at the present is the issue because we’re facing a lot of challenges presently, they should have waited till when we overcome this hardship before taking that decision.

  3. The price can dropped If government remove subsidy from it. I could remember when you are in power that you have the every opportunity to reduce the price then you didn’t do it. All of you are power monger, immediately you grab the power you what to do with it anymore. We have four refinery non is working, we have crude oil and we are exporting to other countries to refine it that’s ridiculous. Until we have our own refinery, I don’t think the price will go down.

  4. This present administration sees Nigerians as fool. They make decisions that favours them and come out to tell us rubbish. I can’t wait for 2023 to come

  5. We are goin to over come this hardship of President Muhammadu Buhari leadership, it is true that we disappointed in you already. You know how you can sofar Nigeria. The best way to sofar us is to increase pump price and is not what you promise Nigeria. During your campaign you said Petrol we drop to #60 and kerosene we become #50 but today you failed. God we take control.

  6. Talking as if ur different.If eventually you get there now you will continue where they stopped.To hell will u all our leaders.I trust none of you bcos all of you are bunch of liars and sycophants.just a merry go round

  7. This is absolutely not the right time to increase fuel price, they should have at least wait for this hardship to reduce a little before embarking on this.

  8. we are going through alot now,and we are trying to solve it,but the government don’t care insect they keep adding to the problem

  9. I am tired of all these long and big grammars whether from the government or Atiku. All of them politicians are the same. They say one thing and mean another and for me I don’t take them any serious at all.
    They have not been telling us the truth so I do not think they are now
    Every now and then, they continue to hike the prices of essential items making life unbearable for the citizens
    A product we are blessed with in our nation is what they can never allow us to enjoy.. God forbid
    Is fuel supposed to be higher than N20 per litter in this country
    I wonder what this government likes in seeing people suffer and when one complains they raise their ugly head to intimidate that person

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