Nigerians respond better when they are treated like Animals – Actress, Belinda Effah

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Nollywood actress, Belinda Effah is of the opinion that Nigerians have misplaced priorities.

In a post she shared on Instagram, the actress made it known that until the interest of Nigerians are in the right place, there will be no going forward.

She further added that it is sad Nigerians respond better when treated like animals.

She wrote:

Until Your Interest Is In The Right Place Nigerians, There Will Be No Going Forward.

It’s Sad Nigerians Respond Better When They Are Treated Like Animals

Enough Said – Mic Off


  1. All things are subjective, a person’s circumstances has nothing to do with current or past events, but rather their perception of those events, and the attitude and manner in which they choose to approach it.base on life statu

  2. Do you think we’re being treated like animals presently? I don’t think so, because we are not animals and it’s not possible for anybody to treat everyone of us in this country like animals. The problem that lack in this country is lack of communication channel because if their is good communication everything would have worked out. This present government look for a way on how to communicate with the people they are governing.

  3. Are you not part of us? If you said we are being treated like animals. The situation on ground does not meant for a single person but everyone of us. We are in this mess together and we need to fight it to the last. We have an organizations that ought to have said something about this situation at least we have lots of elite. We unite together in this situation and fight for it, so that we can move forward.

  4. We dont have a common goal is the problem for this and it will continue to the like that until w change our way of living and behavior

  5. I think different kind of ethnic group and different kind of language we speak affect our interest thts why we don’t speak in one voice

  6. I think different kind of ethnic groups in Nigeria and the different kind of language we speak affect our interest that’s why we don’t speak in one voice

  7. sure ,but don’t forget that we all are still animals, is true that we like been forces before doing what we are ask to do,the cause is that we don’t trust ourselves

  8. I think all she’s trying to say here is we take things too unserious and casual unless when treated like animals that’s when we act fast to some certain situations.

  9. My dear sister are you not a Nigerian? So all of us in this country are involved in that your statement And another thing you have to know is that we don’t have common goal, so its gonna be like that until we change our mentality and some of our behaviors.

  10. May be most of you do not know about the Legendary Fela kuti
    In one of his musics, he said it clearly that Nigerians are suffering and smiling set of people
    It has been like this in Nigeria since time immemorial. The government suffers them at will and no one dies anything
    If you like give Nigerians shit in their mouth, they will eat it without complain
    Who cursed Nigeria is what many of us are still trying to find answer to
    The only place you see them show interest are in events that don’t really matter but when it comes to things that controls their life in this country like fuel Hike or electricity hike, they all keep silent
    Misplaced priorities

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