Oyibo people structured Africa in a way it will never work – Yul Edochie

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Actor, Yul Edochie says African colonizers are the reasons why Africa is making little or no progress.

He said this in a tweet which served as a response to Actress Uche Jombo’s question of “who cursed Nigeria”.

Yul stated that the country was structured in a way it will never work, as its aim is for Nigerians and Africa as a whole to keep misunderstanding and fighting each other, making little progress and depending on their colonizers for everything.

“Oyibo people!

They structured it in such a way that it will never work. So we’ll keep misunderstanding and fighting each other, making little progress and depending on them for everything. Same thing they did in many other African countries. Africa needs to wake up”, he wrote


  1. Don’t judge until you have lived their life and have experienced all the things they have gone through. Then the africa can make decision about what you think of to prove oyibo wrong.

  2. Your ascertion is wrong, are they not the one who structured other Africa like Ghana, south Africa, even Togo and many more and they are doing well. The things that is causing problem in our country is greediness and selfishness at least if we can handle this Nigeria will be great because what belongs to everybody only one person will like to have it alone, you are now blaming oyinbo people for your woeful performance. They are not the one responsible for your predicament.

  3. When you are blaming them for the problem you are facing now. When we want to have our independent, don’t they call Nigeria elites to sign the agreement. When they hand over the constitutional book for you, why can’t you call for referendum and sort things out but you choose not to do that instead blaming oyinbo. Are you still expecting them to tell you what to do and not to do? Are still expecting them to come and be governing you? Your point is not welcome.

  4. He needs to make his point clear. Africans have been fools right from time, if they were wise, another nation would not have come to colonise it and structure it in a way that it will not work.

  5. Your assertion is very wrong because there are some African countries that are doing well about those countries doing well were they not colonized by the Oyibo people. Those stealing our common wealth was it them that told them to steal?

  6. there is no need puting blame on anyone, the major problem we facing here right now is religion, tribalism and then Bad leadership.

  7. How long shall we continue to blame other people for our predicaments. Nigeria has no problem at all, but the problem we have here are our so called leaders who have refused to see reasons why they should lead right.
    Greed, avarice, glutinous behavior, wickedness and no sense of purpose are the reasons why we are where we are today
    Why the whites are busy heading up, Africa especially Nigeria is busy dragging the rest of the world backwards and the leaders seem not to care
    We have to say no to these wicked leaders and take our destiny on our hands
    I am also among the people who always ask “WHO DID THIS TO NIGERIA”

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