Southern Kaduna killings: Stop this madness immediately – Sultan of Sokoto

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The Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar III has expressed displeasure with the series of killings in Southern Kaduna.

During a meeting of Northern Traditional Rulers’ Council in Kaduna on Monday September 7, the monarch described the act as a madness which must stop immediately.

He also appealed to Nigerians to stop igniting the Killings based on ethno-religious differences as only innocent children are killed while that of the elites are protected.

“No man in his right senses go on a killing spree of innocent people under whatever guise.

“If you keep on igniting killings based on ethno-religious differences because it is the innocent children that are killed while that of the elites are protected, ” he said


  1. Please stop this killing of a thing.Don’t be so completely oblivious to the world that you can’t see what’s standing right in front of you. For all you know, it may be a good thing for once than to shield cool blood.

  2. With all various meetings held with different group of people yet they still continue with all these killings. I think the reason why these killings still persists is that they have not brought anyone to book because if they do this things would have stopped since. The governor El rufai must find lasting solution to this killings because elite are not the suffering most.

  3. Sultan of sokoto have said it all that those suffering from this killings are mostly women and children, the elites are manuovering their ways. Why can’t the DSS investigate what for deputy director of CBN said that one governor is the one sponsor the activities of all these terrorists. Sultan of sokoto should have series of meetings with them in order to curb this menace.

  4. That is because of some Islamic extremist that the people of kaduna is suffering and those who sponsor them are some of this kaduna high ranking politicians

  5. May almighty Allah enter there mind and control them, because I can’t see the reason why you will killing innocent and children. Please follow the lidaship which is Abubaka sa’ad lll. He said you people should stop killing your self especially innocent and children.

  6. It is good you are telling them. I really wonder what someone gains from killing another person
    Is it not madness
    The government seems not to care much because it is not their children that are being slaughtered on daily bases
    Enough of this madness and the killers should be arrested and prosecuted and dealt with accordingly and severely so as to act as a detriment to others who may want to try such an act

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