We are proud of our achievements and we should blow our own trumpet – Buhari tells aides

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President Muhammadu Bihari has charged his aides to defend the government from activists who keep spreading false news against the administration.

Speaking during his closing remark at the first year ministerial review retreat at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on Tuesday, the president charged his appointees to make public the achievements of his administration as they are proud of it.

“I have to charge all of you to defend the Government vigorously and not allow irresponsible and politically motivated activists to keep spreading patent falsehoods about this government, he said

“Information to the public should be better packaged. Go on the offensive. We are proud of our achievements and we should blow our own trumpets.”


  1. says Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those that matter won’t mind, and those that mind, won’t matter.Blow if it will make you happy beyound the convid-19

  2. Imagine.. Proud of your achievement & not using it for the betterment of your people… wickedness is the achievement & and also the trumpet you are blowing..I just wonder our you get to that seat again

  3. Which trumpets are you referring to? Is it the one that already blown away? Ask your aids about the situation on ground unless they do not want to tell you the truth. Masses are suffering beyond explanation, tell them to bring the price that they are selling each commodities in the market and you will will know that you have done nothing to ameliorate the suffering of the masses, you even compound it every day. Until you look into what will benefit the masses you have done nothing.

  4. Your policies always make lives uncomfortable for average Nigerians, ask your ministers and your aids to bring their pens and analyse the price of every commodities before you get to the power including dollars to naira and tell us how much it costs presently and you will know that you inflicted pains on Nigerians. If you are talking about the infrastructural development if we have all died who are those people that will be using the infrastructures. If possible let all the political office holders reduce their allowances and use the money for other things.

  5. Which achievement are you even talking about here sef, is it the people that died in this your regime or the people that died because they can not even eat two square meals a day or the increase in food stuffs, pump price, electricity bills, if they are the achievements you are talking about you try well well.

  6. with all Dow respect what have ur government achieved that u want ur acids to show OK u want to show us the hardship that ur government have put us true since u came in to power for me u have not achieved anything ur government have nothing to show the only things ur government will show is the killings,hardship, etc

  7. What are the achievement is he talking about, he had no achievement than hardship and mischievous regime during his administration

  8. No one is saying you have achieved nothing but we all know that no one is perfect apart from God Almighty so you have to look and listen to what the activists say and also find ways to make amends
    There are still many flaws in the administration that need to be improved on

  9. Yes we are proud of what we have, we can never proud of our President because we are so disappointed on him, he turn what we have to in relevance, what was Muhammadu Buhari telling his aids to get defend his administration, I swear Buhari is not a good leader because I can’t see the reason why a hole Nigeria President we be pleading to his aids to defend him. If it’s true President Muhammadu Buhari administration is good he will not need to call for defending his administration.

  10. Which achievement? If you have done well this shouldn’t be coming from you but from the masses. And I must tell you that at this point in time the country is going through hardship.

  11. What a ridiculous, blind and insensitive president. The people are suffering beyond explanation and you still have the guts to tell your minister to blow trumpet about your achievement. This is Ridiculous!!!

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