Fuel hike: Protesters arrested in Lagos

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Some protesters have been arrested after taking to the streets of Lagos to speak against the increased fuel price.

The protesters who held up placards which expressed how they felt towards the increased fuel price, began their march from the Nigeria Labour Congress House in Yaba, Lagos. They were however rounded off by police men at Ojuelegba.

Among the 18 protesters arrested by the policemen are Galaxy TV’s Daniel Tanimu, Sahara reporters, Premium Times and Punch news correspondents. Some policemen were spotted in the viral video trying to stop them from filming the confrontation.

They were subsequently taken to the Area C police station before being transferred to Police Headquarters in Ikeja Lagos.


  1. Why are we like this in a country that is practissing democratic system government is ruling with hardship and we can not speak our mind, the fuel Hike is the reason why day are doing gently protesting. You are now arresting them. Is totally bad.

  2. I don’t think all these police men know their duties is to protect the lives and properties of the citizens. They abandoned their duties and embark on arresting the innocent people. Don’t we have the freedom of expression any more? When their are some things that we are not contented with can’t we voice out anymore? May God have mercy on us in this country.

  3. Why the arrest nah don’t they have right to protest again? Or do you people want us to be silent with this increase of fuel which means they increased the fuel to punish and arrest people about. Don’t worry all I know is that there is God and he is watching all of us. Thank God our lives is not in the hands of our politicians, if not it would have been increased too. Abeg those protesters should be released joor they are exercising their rights as citizens of Nigeria.

  4. Why can’t they allow them to to do the coverage if they are doing the right thing? Nigeria is full of impunity, if the protesters mean no harm to the masses then what warrant intimidation. But if it is bandits or terrorism they can’t do anything to them but always intimidating harmless Masses. They should release those who were arrested without further delay.

  5. so it means that we don’t have any right to protest on what the government is doing that is not good why will this people be arrested so pls what is the president asking his acid’s to show us last 2day ago he is Begin his acid to do it now people want help him to show it nd they been arrested for what reason

  6. Hmmmmmm!!!! Hmmmmmm!!!!
    This is becoming too much..o
    You cannot beat a child and force him or her not to cry. It is like we are in an autocratic dispensation where no one again is allowed to talk. This is total nonsense.
    Each time people want to protest peacefully against any perceived injustice melted against them, they are arrested by police…. what does this mean
    So there is no more freedom of speech. This portrays danger..o and should be in acceptable to all well sensible people in the country

  7. I think it’s a peaceful protest na. Why are they suppressing from speaking our mind on things that we do not like…God Dey Sha

  8. Are the Policemen comfortable with the increase in electricity tarrif & fuel pump price? If at all they were directed to arrest the protesters, they ought to use their senses

  9. What shit have we gotten into? What’s wrong in leading a protest? If the government is doing the right things and making life better for the people, would there be any reason to lead a protest?
    This government is no different from the military regime.

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