Replacing striking doctors with NYSC members is absurd – Shehu Sani

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Former Kaduna Lawmaker, Shehu Sani has reacted to a statement by the Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire concerning resident doctors on strike.

The Minister of Health in a statement yesterday called on hospitals to replace striking resident doctors with consultants and NYSC doctors.

Reacting, Sani on his Twitter page said the replacement of striking doctors with corps members is impracticable and absurd.

He told the government to rather meet the demands of the doctors, as not every Nigerian can afford medical tourism abroad.

“It’s absurd and impracticable for the Minister of Health to direct public hospitals to replace striking Doctors with Youth Corps members.

“The Government should concede to the demands of the Doctors. Not every Nigerian can afford medical tourism to Europe or Asia, he wrote


  1. I support Minister of finance on what he said because our own is our own. The people treating you in abroad do you know what day are? If does call members are not feat they will not graduate. Nigeria can not meet up with there needs because is just like wasting of money. The thing is that let them resume or if they can not resume as resident doctor, the should resume to there various places and let NYSC doctors take over.

  2. Completely absurd, that is what we are saying they don’t have the interest of the masses in their hearts because to serve Nigeria is not by force. Why is it that everyone of those ministers are running the affairs of the country as if the were running personal businesses, if they don’t have what to offer they should rather resign their ministerial appointments. It’s completely absurd.

  3. We don’t want this kind of ministers in Nigeria, how on Earth would you say NARD should be replaced with NYSC doctors. Where are they going to start from, now experience doesn’t matter but if it’s really job you will be asking for 5years experienced. Can you allow those NYSC doctors to treat you if you are sick? Can you compare the money you are spending on medical tour with what they are demanding for. If you don’t know what to do you better resign your appointment.

  4. its very very ridiculous, please Mr. Health minister reconsider what you are about to do please because its uncalled for and again you want to do this because you and your family for travel outside the country for medical check up, that is why you came up with this idea of replacing resident doctors with the NYSC doctors, but a day is coming when you shall give account of any life that will be lost in this action you wanna take.

  5. sir u re right not every body in this country can afford treatment abroad so they should do something about the doctors that want to go on strike putting corp’s will not solve the problem so they should call them on round table meeting nd know what they problem is because they re trying risking they lives for others

  6. The minister of health who gave this directive does not know what he is saying. He is talking out of context. How in earth can you replace striking doctors with youth corps members
    What experience do youth corps doctors have that they will take over instantly from striking doctors and perform well
    It is like this government is joking with people’s lives because when they in government are sick, they seek for medical attention abroad where the leaders have put their own medical establishments in order
    Please settle the striking doctors and save us from deaths that naturally should not happen
    It is not everything that should be played politics with or joke with m
    This is a very sensitive issue.. o

  7. See this mumu, it’s them that will even be devouted because they are job seeker on like those who have been working for more 20yrs and even became lazy and are just chopping our because they are asking for some useless ransom

  8. Issue of health is not something to joke about, please the federal government should look into this and as well necessary actions should be taken immediately.

  9. This country is really funny..they don’t know that
    not everybody can purchase treatment abroad, so find solution about doctors that actually want to go on strike..not possible to replace striking doctors with the youth corps

  10. It’s indeed absurd. How does he think NYSC doctors with little or no experience will be able to face the current situation of the society?
    They still need to be under supervision before they can stand on their own. Does he think it’s easy to treat a covid19 patient?

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