I find my wife sexy when she is praying – Nigerian pastor reveals

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A Nigerian pastor, Emmanuel Iren has started a discussion on social media after revealing that he find his wife sexy whenever she prays

Pastor Iren who is the lead pastor of Celebration Church International in Lagos, made this known via his official Twitter account.

He wrote:

“Confession. I find my wife very sexy when she’s praying. Imagine me winking at her as she tries to maintain her focus and resist the urge to burst out laughing. Madam, after talking to God, come and talk to me.”


  1. Really she sexy that make married to her. Life is full of fake people.A wife is a friend first, a lover second, and third and probably most important, a maid.

  2. What type of pastors are we having now? You called yourself pastor and staring at your congregations. If your followers emulate you what would say? How would you correct them? How would you scold them? And many more. Most of these pastors have turned to something else.

  3. CAN should also look for a way to regulate the activities of all these pastors before turning it it to something else. Their activities is ought to be checked before getting out of hand, we have seen different pastors uttering derogatory words. It left to the regulatory body to take care of that aspects.

  4. You have all right to find your wife sexy at any point in time as far as she is your wife. No one can decide for you how and when your nice emotions will come up for your wife
    She is your wife so enjoy with her, it is your right

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