My boyfriend of two years broke up with me for no reason – Comedienne, Maraji reveals

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Nigerian comedienne, Gloria Olorunto popularly known as Maraji has shared that her life is not a bed of roses as bad things happen to her too.

Sharing a video on her insta-story, she tearfully narrated how a breakup last month has adversely affected her. She recalled how her boyfriend of two years dumped her for no reason.

Maraji who disclosed that it’s been difficult to get over the heartbreak, added that her boyfriend moved on with another girl he likes. She went on to reveal that she has a friend who stays in India and cares about her so much.

Maraji also revealed that she’s been praying to God to bless her with “this person.”


  1. There is no one living that does not have and encounter problems atimes
    Only Jehova is above problems
    Sister you have to get yourself together and move on with your life. When a door closes, another opens..such is life
    As far as there is life, there is hope
    God is the greatest

  2. A heart may be weak and sometimes it may even give in but in the deep down there is a light that never goes out… believe in your heart.may he truly love you period.

  3. That’s so sad indeed, you need to take heart and go over it. Such is life it’s not possible for someone to be having good of life always without having the other side of it. You shouldn’t have to let that weigh you down. Take heart dude and move on.

  4. That’s life, because it’s a teacher The more you live is the more you learn. You shouldn’t let that issue wake you down, because you still a lot of things to offer to yourself, family and to the world. May God reciprocate with best on for you.

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