Oyedepo: You better repent now or Jehovah will deal with you and your lineage – Eneche tells Daddy Freeze

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The Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Christian Centre, Paul Eneche has called out Daddy Freeze over his comment about the founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Eneche who was reacting to a trending video in which Daddy Freeze described Bishop David Oyedepo as a “bald-headed fowl”, stated that the media personality has no moral values and respect.

The Dunamis Pastor also told the media personality who he described as a “mad dog who is suffering from bipolar disease”, that he risks the wrath of God if he continues attacking pastors in the country.

Eneche said; “At this moment, it is imperative for us to address certain issues for the sake of upcoming generations. Otherwise, when evil is allowed to persist, it would be viewed as good.

“The culture of respect is a well-rooted scriptural bible culture. In Act 23:5, when Paul the Apostle spoke in a careless way, regarding the high Priest Ananias and his attention was drawn, he immediately withdrew his word and apologised.

“The culture of respect is also a deeply-rooted African culture. So strong that in parts of this country, in the west, children prostrate to greet fathers and elders. Yesterday, a man drew my attention from America, regarding a video that was mimicking God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, posted by the MAD DOG called Freeze. MAD DOG emphasized.

“Someone said, Pastor, why are you calling someone a mad dog, Jesus did that first; he called Herod a wild dog – a fox. I said MAD DOG because that is spot diagnoses. Spot diagnoses is a situation whereby you know a sickness by just looking at the patient without even asking any questions. What he is exhibiting is mad behavior.

“That is schizophrenia, schizophreniform behavior. That is mania. That is bipolar disorder. That is attention seeking psychopathic disorder. A man looking for attention by all means, trying to pull down people who have built values over the years.”

“Someone said they called him a bastard. I believe that the title is not less than what it is, because if that is not the title to be called, when last did you behave like someone who grew in a home? When last did you behave like someone whose father gave him any morals or value? When last did you behave like somebody who knows culture? What did your father teach you growing up? What did you learn as a child? And here you are, wifeless, houseless, jobless.

“You can’t keep a wife, can’t keep a job. Can’t keep nothing and you are speaking about someone who is married for close to 40 solid years. When last did a tailor advise a surgeon how to operate? When last did a carpenter tell a Senior Advocate of Nigeria how to stand before the court to defend a case? What do you know about marriage when you can’t keep a home.

“What do you know about life, success and destiny? Who is a baggage of moral bankruptcy. A baggage of emptiness of character, talking about people who you are never up to and will never be up to even if they gave you a thousand lifetimes. If you are in the same class of architecture with Bishop David Oyedepo, ask yourself, where will your position be?

“That is if you are able to study such a course. Or you are in mathematics class with Pastor EA Adeboye, ask yourself, where will you be found in a mathematics class where he did a first degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics in Masters. Where will you be? In his PhD in hydro-dynamics with stokes equation – specialty. Have you heard of that before? Or where will you be in our anatomy class, in pharmacology, pharmaco-dynamics, pharmaco kinetics? What do you know about etiopathogenesis of diseases? Have you ever heard of such before? What will be your rating in such classes?

“They are people who would have defeated you from the scratch if you were their age mate. And they will defeat you till tomorrow. Ask yourself this question, how many life times will you need, to be able to employ 35,000 people in your organization? That is what Bishop Oyedepo has done successfully and beyond that. How many life times will you need to be able to run two universities world class? Covenant University is among top 500 universities in the world, it’s number 4 in Africa and number 1 in Nigeria.

“What value have you added? What do you have you to offer, other than to stay on the pulpit and speak of what you know nothing about? I advise you, you are already a cursed man, a cursed man by virtue of bankruptcy of everything around you. But you better repent now, otherwise, Jehovah, whom you have stood against will deal with you and your lineage.

“Let me give you a final counsel, before you talk about married people and people in ministry, go ahead and get yourself a wife, get a family, succeed in the marriage then you have any audacity, temerity or any effrontery to speak further on marriage or on any issue bordering on life and success, otherwise you are a colossal monumental generational waste of existence.”

“Secondly, since you are so interested in pastoring and in pastors, get yourself a church started from the scratch, gather a 100 people physically, gather them up to 1,000 and up to 10,000 and when you are through with that, pray for the sick, deliver the oppressed, help their widows and orphans, and then run it successfully, then you have an advice to give to anybody who is in the ministry, otherwise close your irresponsible mouth forever and never to be heard.

“And for everyone who follows gullibly, irresponsible personalities such as this, valueless entities, worthless entities, adding nothing to society, offering nothing. Just don’t waste your life, go face your front and do what you need to do to make a mark in your generation.

“What you attack, you can’t attract, what you hate, you can’t have, what you don’t like, you must lack, don’t waste your life following a vehicle going nowhere. Don’t waste your life listening to a man, who is speaking on something he has no experience about, don’t waste your life. A caution to you. When the young men spoke against Elisha and called him baldheaded man of God, the curse of the Lord overran them. Don’t waste your life. Retrace your step and make amend. In the name of Jesus Christ.”


  1. Freeze should as a matter of urgency apologize to oyedekpo. To avoid the rot of God. Pastors you people should stop calling him names if you call him names what’s the difference between you people and him

  2. We have already called Daddy Freeze attention to make an apology from Pastor Iyiola Oyedepo. This is getting too much trouble in the country, let no commit from man of God. God has choose them and we can not control God. Please just stop all this and pray for Nigeria.

  3. Why are all of you heating the polity so much with this saga
    There are so many more serious problems bedeviling this country now and even the world at large that need to be addressed urgently. No one seems to be talking about Tose things instead what you people are putting so much energy and strength in tackling is daddy Freeze and oyedepo saga
    This matter to me shouldn’t have reached this level but I don’t know why it is still lingering
    I continue to say it that no one is perfect except God Almighty who is the creator and immortal being
    Let all learn how to take corrections when they are corrected since no one knows it all
    What we should be seriously be discussing now is the bad state of the country trying to find ways to make it better for mankind

  4. Repentances is important to so because If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.but don’t be hesites

  5. This online beef will not do any good to those man of God.
    Daddy freeze is been used by devil.

    He is trying to distract those man of God.

  6. I don’t think all these pastors are really teaching the words of God because if so, is it in the Bible that you should kill a fellow human being because of a mere misunderstanding or argument. CAN should Wade in in this matter because it may escalate beyond what we think. Why all these religious leaders behaving like tout, so if any of your followers behaving or exhibit this kind of behavior what would you say to them? Pastors should better change their ways of living so that people will see them as mirror of God.

  7. The attitude we are seeing in you or you are portrait does not reflect true words of God. I think you are just having church in such a way of gathering wealth not because of God, Almighty God does not encourage fighting with one another not to talk of pastor to pastor. That means nothing in you people that called yourself man of God. I know God is not like you because if does everything would have spoilt. They should stop all these shit before escalating more than this.

  8. Daddy Freeze after all these attack that world people is giving you eeh in your next generation you will not insult a man of God Again. But like seriously this matter is getting out of hand and it need to stop right now

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