Video: Daddy Freeze apologizes for insulting Bishop Oyedepo in a 2018 video, says his current disagreements are based on scriptures

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Daddy Freeze has tendered a public apology to clergyman and senior pastor of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, for referring to him as a “Bald-headed fowl” in a video

The video which Freeze released almost three years ago recently generated controversy after Port Harcourt-based pastor, David Ibiyeomie, stood on his pulpit and verbally assaulted Freeze.

Ibiyeomie while preaching, said he would not be alive and watch Freeze whom he described as a “Bastard”, attack Bishop Oyedepo whom he described as his father. He cursed the day Freeze was born.

Pastor Paul Enenche of the Dunamis Church in Abuja also released a video attacking Freeze for disrespecting his elder, Bishop Oyedepo. He referred to Freeze as a ‘mad dog with bipolar”. Read here

Freeze has now tendered an apology to Oyedepo for the disrespectful remark. Watch the video below…


  1. Good one from him, once one realises his mistakes nothing for the person to tender his/her apology. You need to do this with sober reflection because if you apologize without sobering it means you are not apologize. I will just implore everyone of you to let the sleeping dogs lie and those who contributed to the rift should shield their sword. That’s true man of God.

  2. That’s what we truly call man of God even he may not be you. Once you realize your abnormalities against human fellow, if the person apologises nothing bad in it. This is a lesson to other people that if two or more people is having misunderstanding you should find a way to settle the rift not adding to it. Humility is personified the apologizer. That’s good of you and we are looking forward to hearing from Bishop oyedepo.

  3. This singular act of apology from daddy Freeze is a sign of maturity. I love what he has done at least to let the sleeping dog lye.
    The way this controversy is heating the polity is getting out of hand, and therefore somehow somewhere, one of the parties must bow down and I feel that is what daddy Freeze has done
    Kudos to daddy Freeze for showing this high level of maturity whether he was wrong or not
    Let us all move on and face more important issues bedeviling this our nation now

  4. Wow am really happy for this video of Daddy Freeze apologizing to Pastor Oyedepo at least it will stop the havoc it has created between our Men of God. The remaining is left for Pastor Oyedepo to come out and tell us too that he has forgiven Daddy Freeze, so that the world will know and there will be peace and harmony between them.

  5. He really did well to apologize its now left for the bishop to forgive him. Let everyone involved tender apology so that all this will end

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