I’m not about to be anyone’s 7th Wife – Chika Ike debunks rumors of having any relationship with Ned Nwoko

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Nollywood Actress, Chika Ike has debunked rumors of being in a relationship with billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko.

There had been a video making rounds on the internet alleging that Rita Daniels, mother of Nollywood actress, Regina Daniel warned Ike to stay away from Nwoko.

The video had further alleged that Nwoko and Ike were in a relationship before the former married Regina.

Rita in a post via her Instagram account on Sunday debunked the allegation adding that the video was doctored.

However, Chika in a post on her Instagram story on Monday addressed the issue stating that she is not in any relationship with Ned Nwoko as she has no plans of becoming his 7th wife

She wrote:

“I am not in any relationship with Ned Nwoko.

“No, I am not and I’m not about to be anyone’s 7th wife. Never!”


  1. Please there is no smoke without fire. Any time any where you see smoke, go and check well, you must see fire
    Every rumor has an atom of truth.
    I don’t know why all you ladies are struggling for this man. Had it been he has no money, will you people be disturbing our peace with all these your problems
    Please go and settle your matter amicably and leave us to rest

  2. Really A day will come when the world will celebrate your name, your fame, your personality and your views. But April Fool comes once in a year and that your day. Just for fun ooh.

  3. That’s what we are saying, to be a star does not justify you not to have been married since before today because if you have already married such insinuating won’t be going round the media. Once you have not married anybody will poke nose in your affairs even if you are just chatting with someone.

  4. Celebrities should not see themselves as the person that is above/on top of the world. They should “make hay while the sun shine”, they should learn how to do the right thing at the right time. There is no perfect marriage but you are the one to make it perfect, all those our mama that are still with our fathers if we ask them what they went through, I’m very sure that they will have one or two things to say. You are to choose for yourself and no one to choose for you. I wish you very best in life.

  5. I was annoyed when i saw the news going viral on social media that Chika Ike is flirting with Ned Nwoko but i thank God now that she has come out to debunk the rumor. Please my dear sister try no such thing o, i mean to marry that man. I dont know if he wants to marry all the celebrities in this world, he wont go and have rest. But not after telling us now that its a rumour we will still hear that you have married him as his 7th wife o.

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