Kaduna State Government shuts down betting and gaming centers

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The Kaduna Internal Revenue Service (KADIRS) has shut down many Bet9ja and other gaming shops in its ongoing operation to close all unregistered gaming centers in the state.

Head of Gaming at KADRIS Liye Anthony stated this in an interview with journalists.

According to Anthony, the operation, which began on Thursday, had so far shut down five offices each of Bet9ja and King Bet, two Access Bet offices and one office of Derby Lotto.

Section 91 also imposed a 10 per cent tax on every stake money and the winning amount which should be promptly deducted and remitted monthly to KADIRS by every licensed gaming company in the state.

Anthony noted that there were about 1,500 gaming offices across the state operating illegally without due registration and licence.

He stated that, the exercise will continue until all the illegal gaming offices are shut down.

He said,

“We will continue to go after them until all the operators of the gaming companies regularised their operations and obtained the needed license to operate in the state.”


  1. Better ,so that our youth can focus and think of another way of better hustling… Betting cause alot of thing in our youthful age, so I’m in support of shuting it down

  2. The bet9ja game is something that keeps most youth busy and most youth call it self employed so the bet owners should please do the needful

  3. Nice moves to get revenue for the state. All operations of gaming and betting centers should do the needful by duly registering themselves as the law demands
    There is no need of running all these things illegally after all they make a lot of profits

  4. Can’t they cancelled all these game shops and replace it for them with reasonable jobs. All these betting also contribute to the social vices that occurs in this country. I think they should raise the price with so many percentage if they can’t ban it.

  5. I hope this gaming of a thing will not back fire in this country. They should look for a of giving job to the youths instead of promoting this gaming of a thing. May God help us.

  6. Really the game will bring good as same time bad..Don’t be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you’ll probably end up gaining something so much better.

  7. Because of waiting now? Why are we like this in Nigeria. What you suppose to focus u abandon it and focus what you are not concern. All this bet shop are well register under federal government. So why ist now in kaduna state.

  8. I use to think bet9ja is registered under Lagos State Lotteries Board. As a company that is registered, they have gotten the license to operate in different areas in Nigeria…..am surprised @ this info. It seems there something fishy we are yet to know about the situation.

  9. Betting centres are not our problem or the root cause of this country’s problem. They should do something and stop the killings and the raping that is happening in this country. Now the owners of those closed centres that is eating from there what will be their fate now or will you provide another job for them.

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