Man thanks woman with N50k for replying his chat

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A twitter user @_Matriach revealed that a man sent her 50,000 Naira just because she responded to his chat.

“Well, I love being a woman,” she wrote as she shared screenshots of her chat with the man and the bank alert of 50,000 Naira she received from him.

This however did not sit down well with some men as they called out the man who sent the money for giving the impression that women deserve to be paid for their attention.

Some called out Nigerian women for always expecting money from men and claimed that’s why Nigerian men prefer foreign women.

See their exchange below:

Man thanks woman with N50k for replying his chat 10

Man thanks woman with N50k for replying his chat 11

Man thanks woman with N50k for replying his chat 12

Man thanks woman with N50k for replying his chat 13


  1. Wow its the woman luck because every sunset gives us, one day less to live. But every sunrise give us, one day more to hope. So, hope for the best. Good Day & Good Luck to someone.

  2. That’s the issue we are having in this country when some people can’t afford 3 square meals per day then some are lavishing the common wealth of Nigeria. If we look at it very the might be the politicians who did work for the money they are earning, Nigeria government should cut down their allowances or put them (politicians) on a civil servant pay roll. The remaining money will be using for development of the country.

  3. Just chatting with a lady and she was giving 50k, if you look at this man very well if he is business man he might not be treating those who works under him very well. Why our generation is like this. Is she not having wife at home? What does she want from this lady that his wife doesn’t have? Even he might not be given his wife best treatment. This is unGodly act, he better change his before it’s late.

  4. that man don’t know what he want to do with money,alot of people are out dying of hunger and you are giving some one 50k for relying your chat.

  5. this is rubbish some men behaves abnormal since he has been chatting with his fellow guys what has he given them this man most be a fool

  6. Hmm.. I hope she is the woman of your dream, but if not so..that is foolishness it could be better to give the poor on the street,not because of a girl who just replied your comment

  7. The man has not really come up clear to tell the whole world why he sent a whooping dum of N50,000 to this lady. There must still be much to hear from it if it was possible to continue with the story to the end
    This is purely a developing story and it is certain the man wants something
    May be he likes the woman and wants to use ”tis gift of cash to attract her to him for reasons best known to him

  8. This I absolutely nonsense, isn’t up to that level, anyway I can’t blame him, I think is not responsible man is not only if you are reach or have the money because I can see the reason why you will pick up your phone and send 50k to unknown person, just because she replied your chat. Is not right.

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